Jun 17, 2021

"We had been looking for him for the past week and a half.  Thanks to your blog I found him."


Alleged molestor Dean Brown's preliminary hearing was scheduld for this morning. Brown is charged with PC 288 (a), lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14.

Defense entered a time waiver and the hearing was rescheduled to July 29. Need to check the date because the clerks audio was muffled/unclear.

Deputy District Attorney Whitney Timm is the prosecutor for the case. Deputy Conflict Counsel R.J. Leohner is Brown's attorney.

The alleged victim is 8 years old. The mother contacted Arcata Police Department.

At the last hearing, Deputy District Attorney Clover Schinke said at the time of the alleged incident,  Brown was a "neighboring tenant" and when the alleged victim's mother went to the bathroom, "Brown put his hands down the child's pants". The child told the mother and she reported it to APD.

The People are investigating similar allegations against Brown from 2018. Brown is transient. 

There was a stipulation about a discovery agreement. Ms. Timm is an excellent attorney and knows the law. Despite Judge Christopher Wilson already denying any modifications, Mr. Leohner tried again and misrepresented what was in the agreement. It backfired on him. Ms. Timm pointed out the correct facts, language of the argument and how local court rules applied the to two entries Mr. Leohner was trying to get removed.

Today, Judge Kaleb Cockrum also denied any modifications to the stipulated agreement.

I received an email after my last post. The name will not be published on my blog. I responded and told them Brown was at the jail. After this hearing, I sent them an update.

"Hi - my husband & I, were friends with Dean Brown.  We had been looking for him for the past week and a half.  Thanks to your blog I found him.

Do you know what has happened to his 14 year old son?  His son has lived with him, since he was 7."

At the request of the person who sent me the email, some information will not be shared for confidentiality and privacy reasons. The investigation is also ongoing.

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