Mar 31, 2018

Artists vs cannabis facilities, Oakland City Council sided with artists

“They’re carpetgrabbers from Colorado that are coming in, swooping up real estate left and right and bulldozing and they just do not care,” Alistair Monroe said."

"I pursued physical relationships with men to convince myself that my love for her was just a spiritual battle attacking my character and discernment,"

(Alyson Stoner/You Tube)

"I, Alyson, am attracted to men, women, and people who identify in other ways,” she stated. “I can love people of every gender identity and expression. It is the soul that captivates me. It is the love we can build and the goodness we can contribute to the world by supporting each other’s best journeys.”

Mar 30, 2018

Point Arena woman pleads guilty to sex trafficking of a minor

Monica Merlin Morales, 26, of Point Arena, pleaded guilty today to sex trafficking of a minor, U.S. Attorney McGregor W. Scott announced.

Hoopa Valley Council unanimously endorses Supervisor Ryan Sundberg for re-election

The Hoopa Valley Council voted unanimously to endorse Ryan Sundberg for re-election for the Fifth District Supervisor at their February meeting.

Mar 29, 2018

Just who is behind CERT and their lawsuit against coffee companies in California?

84 months in state prison for man who blew himself up operating a butane honey oil lab

A man who blew himself up in 2014 operating a clandestine butane honey oil lab in a backyard shed on Luce Avenue in Ukiah was sentenced today in the Mendocino County Superior Court to state prison.

CSAC tweets a shout out to Senator Mike McGuire and Supervisor Virginia Bass

"When CSAC was in #HumboldtCounty tonight, we stopped by a community meeting on the #opioidcrisis. The meeting was hosted by Sen. Mike McGuire & Supervisor Virginia Bass, leading the efforts to finding local solutions to this massive challenge."

HCSO inmate work crew cleans up homeless encampment

Alleged dispute over a shared driveway results in an arrest for two counts of attempted murder

Ian Fusi and Nathaniel Edwards arrested on concealed weapon charges


No comment on any potential discipline against Mark Wheetley due to closed session

I asked all Fortuna City Council members for comment on Mark Wheetley's DUI and any possible disciplinary action against Wheetley.

Councilmember Dean Glaser was the first to respond and promptly.

Defense in John Beideman case is asking the Court to dismiss 7 out of 8 counts

On April 4, a hearing on the defense request to dismiss charges is scheduled in the John Beideman sexual molestation case.

The defense is requesting all charges except Count 2 be dismissed.

Bail reduction does not help if you can't bail out

A hearing on the defense motion to continue the James Merrick jury trial was on this morning at 8:30 a.m. Merrick is still in custody, despite a reduction in bail.

Due to lack of an attorney, jury trial for Chad Smith vacated

Third Marsden motion,this time Chad Smith got his wish. Or did he?

Jury trial for April 2 vacated. Next hearing is setting and confirmation of counsel on April 6.

State hospital or not for Ewa Misztal to be decided next Tuesday?

A hearing to receive a CONREP recommendation for Ewa Misztal was continued to this morning.

It was continued to April 3 after Deputy Public Defender Casey Russo brought up some cases and his interpretation of statute 1026.

Clutching the same long letter he had in his hand previously, the Chad Smith awaits his Marsden hearing

Yesterday, alleged molestor Chad Smith requested a Marsden motion. That was scheduled to be heard in yesterday afternoon.

It is happening now.

Whether his bail would be reduced and trial confirmation for his jury trial was continued until this morning.

Smith is charged with molesting his stepdaughter and her friend.

If [housing] was there, we’d be taking them out by the friggin’ busload.”

As elsewhere in California, “there is no permanent housing,” McElroy said about the lagging housing placements. “Folks with jobs and good credit and college educations, they can’t find places to rent … If [housing] was there, we’d be taking them out by the friggin’ busload.”

Mar 28, 2018

Sheriff William Honsal kicks off his modeling career with a Redwood Complex cap

Preliminary hearing for J. D. Grow confirmed for April 5

Intervention was scheduled on March 27 for Joshua David Grow. Preliminary hearing for April 5 was confirmed.

Time estimate is 2.5 hours. Deputy District Attorney Joel Buckingham was present for the People. Mr. Benjamin Okin is representing J.D. Grow.

Jon Goldberg sentencing scheduled for May 11

Jon Goldberg's case is on April 13 to discuss entry of Arbuckle waiver. Sentencing is scheduled for May 11.

Kayla Brown trial date remains set, witness availability hearing continued again

Today was the fourth hearing to confirm witness availability for former Miss Hoopa, Kayla Brown. Hearing continued to April 30.

Same reasons as outlined previously.

Judge Reinholtsen had to admonish Chad Smith in court for yelling at his attorney

Trial confirmation and bail reduction hearing was scheduled today for alleged child molestor Chad Smith.

What would a Smith hearing be without theatrics from the defendant?

Mar 27, 2018

California, the land of progressive dictatorship, where criminals rule over public safety

Threatening law officials now for doing their job?

Xavier Becerra, Kamala Harris and Jerry Brown and all the other Democrats, liberals, progressives should  house every criminal and illegal in their own homes. I fully support that sanctuary law.

Microsoft can go through your private data and investigate you for "offensive language"

"Privacy experts are sounding an alarm over changes to Microsoft’s service agreement, saying it’s filled with vague terms and gives the company the right to review your content without your consent."

Marijuana grower in Hopland area pleads guilty to environmental violations

A commercial marijuana operation investigated in June 2017 in the Hopland area has resulted in the felony conviction of a man responsible for cultivating over 3,200 plants off of Feliz Creek Road.

61 year old Patricia Keeler arrested for possession of meth and other drug charges

On March 26th, 2018 at about 11:00 A.M. Special Agents with the Drug Task Force served a search warrant at a residence located in the 1800 block of Allard Avenue in Eureka.

Mark Wheetley's jail time actually translates to 6 days of SWAP

Both of Mark Wheetley's cases, his 2016 DUI and 2017 DUI, were on calendar this morning.

James Merrick's bail reduced but if he gets out he has to be on an ankle monitor

James Merrick's bail is reduced to $300,000. If he posts bail, there are conditions: no alcohol and he has to be on an ankle monitor.

How long do you think it will be before they tell HCSO where Zachary Harrison may be found?

Mar 26, 2018

Sue, protest, raise taxes and beg for money; the CA Democrats' idea of economic development

Does California do anything but sue, protest, raise taxes and beg for money from the Feds?

I almost forgot about being a sanctuary state for illegals, go easy on criminals and over-regulate.

Utility companies are big donors to CA Democrats and they may stick you with last year's wildfire costs

"The announcement from Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders said that due to recent devastating fires and mudslides, they would work together this year to “make California more resilient against the impacts of natural disasters and climate change.” Among the issues they promised to address: updating liability laws for utility companies.:

"The innocuous-sounding statement belies a controversial idea: that Californians could eventually have to pay more for electricity because of last year’s wildfires."

Setting for Mark Dare's alleged molestation trial continued to May 2

Trial setting was scheduled for Mark Dare on 3/28. It was vacated and rescheduled for May 2.

By appointing the Public Defender's office on March 21, Mr. Marek Reavis continues to represent Dare.

Kody Marcelli arraigned for his alleged assault case; victim Gary Harner was in court

Kody Marcelli was arraigned this afternoon. Mr. Greg Rael made a special appearance today with Marcelli.

Sentences of 16, 15 and 6 plus years for three defendants in home invasion robbery

With jurors assembled downstairs and the prosecutor announcing ready for trial, three robbers who attempted to steal marijuana and money in November of last year decided to throw in the towel and plead guilty Monday morning in the Mendocino County Superior Court.

S-Robert Wayne Spicer arrested for criminal threats; alleged victim said Spicer yelled racial slurs

On 3-25-2018 Deputies were dispatched to the 24000 block of Birch Street, in the Brooktrails community, regarding criminal threats.

Why are you telling me that?

Visiting Judge Joseph Hurley, formerly Alameda Superior Court added some humor to Courtroom this morning.

Is Hugo Parral-Aguirre competent to stand trial or not?

Mexican citizen Hugo Parral-Aguirre was found competent after a second evaluation by Dr. Ramirez.

Intervention is on April 23. Preliminary is scheduled for April 25.

In 2016, James Merrick had a probation hold, will he be released today?

In 2016, James Merrick could not bail out due to a probation hold. Today, a bail hearing was scheduled for Merrick. The motion was continued to March 27 at 8:30 a.m.

Alleged victim in Wesley Starritt's case booked Friday for resisting arrest


The alleged victim in the assault case against Wesley Staritt was arrested by Arcata Police Department on Friday for a foreign warrant.  Peter Ian Marks was booked for resisting arrest on March 23 and released the same day.

Mar 25, 2018

Cafe Justice in Rancho Cucamonga evicted after complaint from local atheists

Substitute 7-Eleven for Shell and this is what EPD and Eureka residents deal with daily

(New York State Police)

Dustin Waite, 26, was arrested on Saturday after he allegedly broke into a Randolph, New York home. He had urinated on the porch and was found with beef jerky that was stolen from a nearby 7-Eleven before the break-in, according to police.

Glad to see EPD Dispatch Manager Michelle Reyna-Sanchez recognized by City Council

At the last City Council meeting, surrounded by family, friends and coworkers, "Dispatch Manager Michelle Reyna-Sanchez was presented a proclamation for her hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence for the countless hours she put forth for the building and implementation of the new integrated public safety software system, RIMS."

Busy weekend and key endorsement for Fifth District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg

(Teen Court's new conference room)

Were the criminal charges and an arrest worth 30 cheeseburgers Jedediah?

(Sutherlin Police Department)

A McDonald's customer in Oregon tried to destroy the famed golden arches after employees refused to fill his order of 30 double cheeseburgers,

Board of Supervisors expected to ratify adjourned in memory certificate for Herrmann Spetzler

On March 20, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors adjourned their meeting in Herrmann Spetzler. At their March 27 meeting, the BOS are expected to formally approve and sign this adjourned in memory certificate.

Mar 24, 2018

“Louise was really living in a la-la land that she didn’t do nothing wrong"

(The Press Enterprise)

David and Louise Turpin were unshackled at their last court appearance on March 23,. They were admonished by a deputy for talking to each other in court.

In Bernietown aka Humboldt, it isn't good enough to liberal or Democrat

Human decency continues to worsen in Humboldt and the mob mentality goes unaddressed with Michael Winkler being attacked by the NAACP for speaking up for freedom of speech.

Jim Wood being attacked for not being progressive enough.

If the NAACP does not call out LOCO on their racist drivel, then they are hypocrites. Call out all racist comments not just selective ones and selective people.

Patrick Cleary should be really proud of the "classy" comments and what passes for news on LOCO

As a public service to anyone considering a move to Humboldt or investing here, you may want to read the racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic drivel in Lost Coast Outpost Thunderdome.

So LOCO advertisers do you support the racist and other drivel in these comments?