Jun 18, 2024

Judge rules in favor of County of Humboldt against former court reporter


In April, I reported former court reporter Kay Marie Gibbs sued the County of Humboldt. Mr. Patrik Griego is Ms. Gibbs' attorney. In that previpus post, are court documents and details of four allegations of failure to discharge mandatory duty under government code and one allegation of negligence.

Del Norte Superior Judge Darren McElfresh issued a written ruling on 6/3/24. I had to wait for the document to be entered in the Humboldt Superior Court system. Judge McElfresh sustained the demurrer filed by County without leave to amend Counts 1 to 4;  denied for Count 5. In his ruling, regarding Count 5 Judge McElfresh said Gibbs "might not survive a Section 822.2 challenge" 

One of Fortuna attempted murder suspects charged with assault and battery on Brandon Widmark




After endless continuances and an intervention last week that did not result in a resolution, attempted murder suspect  Miguel Moreno and Ruben Ramirez's 2023 cases were trailing for assignment until 6/17 when the cases were assigned to Retired Judge Christopher Wilson and the trial will be held in Courtroom 3. Today, motions in limine and jury selection was scheduled to start.

Deputy District Attorney Trent Timm was meeting with civilian witnesses this morning. DA Investigator Greg Hill was with him.

Moreno is represented by Mr. Ken Bareilles.  Deputy Public Defender David Celli is Ramirez's attorney.

Moreno's assault and battery in the jail on inmate and murder suspect Brandon Widmark is trailing this case. He was arraigned on 1/2/24 in that case. Moreno's codefendant in the assault case is Johnny Fitzgerald.

Sam Williams files appeal; DA, Sheriff,Undersheriff all ignore him and do not respond


Former HCSO Lt. Sam Williams filed an appeal in his 2023 criminal case. Humboldt Superior Court records show notification of filing. It does not show yet on the California Court of Appeal website. 

I confirmed the filing of appeal with Sam. He also confirmed that he had contacted the DA and Sheriff William Honsal via email about the investigation and they did not respond to him. Sam then followed up with Undersheriff JD Braud who said he would look into it and nothing from him either. This inquiry is unrelated to the appeal.

DA Stacey Eads, Sheriff Honsal and Undersheriff Honsal are elected officials and we pay their salary. This unprofessional, selective ignoring of who gets a response is because their bosses aka certain Supervisors engage in the same childish behavior and lack of accountability. They do respond to their cronies and media tools.

I covered the case, the preliminary hearing and trial.

Bail forfeiture and fines in Elishia Hayes, Shawn Perrot cases; Virginia Bass corrects and pays fine for failure to register Beemer


HBF Chief Robertson and Local 652 answer my questions on staffing issues, Myrtle station closure and how the loss of 17 staff has affected response time

I asked the following questions to Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Sean Robertson and representatives of Local 652 leadership.

Posted below are my questions and their answers.

Jun 17, 2024

Remember convicted felon who bit an APD Sgt and Kreis' ruling which was reversed on appeal?


The last time I wrote about convicted felon Delano Malang's case was in 2023 when I reported ousted former Humboldt Superior Court judge Gregory Kreis' ruling was reversed on appeal with sentencing errors. Malang is bit an Arcata Police Department Sgt and had been sentenced by Kreis to 4 years, 8 months.

Malang's 2022 case was on calendar today with arraignment on information on other charges he got while he was in custody in  Humboldt jail. Charges including assault on a correctional officer and taking a CO's taser. Deputy District Attorney Trent Timm was in court today. He prosecuted Malang in the APD case.

Humboldt Bay Fire releases photos and information about the Saturday fire at Five Eleven in Old Town Eureka


Humboldt Bay Fire released photos and information about the fire at Five Eleven in Old Town Eureka.

Once again, Aunna Bollman fails to appear in court with several open cases in criminal court and her third TRO in civil court

Aunna Bollman has 7 open criminal cases with charges in these cases ranging from criminal threats, elder abuse, assault, willfull disobedience of court order. She still has an open case with a TRO granted which was requested by DANCO. This in addition to two three year restraining orders already granted which were requested by County of Humboldt and City of Fortuna.

On 6/13, Bollman failed to show up for court and a bench warrant was issued. She has been released in the past after being booked on bench warrants.

Defense has been saying they will file a mental health diversion for months. Bollman will get arrested again, released and the cycle continues. It isn't just Bollman. The jail log is filled with repeat offenders who get released with no consequences. Not only this is waste of law enforcement and court resources, it is waste of my time to keep following up on uneccessary continuances, rescheduling of cases like Bollman in addition to all the other continuances day after day and week after week in several Humboldt Superior Court.

6/18: Bollman was booked into custody on her bench warrants and one new charge of PC273.6(a) intentionally and knowingly violating a court order . I checked e court on 6/18, no petition filed by defense for mental health diversion.

Jun 14, 2024

People dismiss case against Baila Wane


Instead of his preliminary hearing yesterday, the People dismissed the alleged rape case against Baila Wane. Jane Doe was present and made a victim impact statement. 

Wane's preliminary hearing had been continued three times, twice by the DA because the officer was sick and then due to ongoing investigation. The last continuance was by stipulation. Wane was released from custody after the second continuance because the preliminary hearing was continued beyond the 10 day waiver.

This is the second case dismissed this week by the People involving alleged rape crimes. On June 12, I reported that the case was dismissed against Robert Clifton James.

20 year old arrested by Humboldt DA Investigator Hill on 4 specific animal cruelty and abuse felonies


20 year old Tamia Irene WilsonBoatsman was booked into the Humboldt County jail yesterday on an arrest warrant from the Humboldt County District Attorney's office. She was taken into custody by DA Investigator Greg Hill for 4 felonies PC 597.7(a) leaving an animal unattended in a motor vehicle under such conditions that would endanger its health or well-being, PC 597t confining an animal in an enclosed area where it could become entangled, injured or is prevented from access to food and water, PC 597s(a) willful abandonment of animal, PC 597(b) cockfighting. Wilson Boatsman was released on O.R.

Jun 12, 2024

"I don’t think it’s right that you weren’t invited. You are one of the few media outlets that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is."



Just wanted to give you a tip, Humboldt Bay fire department is hosting members of the media to talk about the issues of retention, staffing, and salary. I don’t think it’s right that you weren’t invited. You are one of the few media outlets that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Miles seems to be intent on taking over control of the fire department now.

Main fire station in eureka. This Monday at 930 am.

-Concerned Citizen

Humboldt Bay Fire did not send out anything. I confirmed that on Thursday and then emailed City of Eureka Miles Slattery and cced Eureka Mayor Kim Bergel and Councilmember Renee Contreras-Deloach.

Miles' response on 6/13. "Because it would expose my plan to take over HBF 😉 Now that is an hilarious claim.

The Chief never scheduled a press conference. I just spoke with him. He is coordinating individual interviews and will be reaching out to media. He has you on his list. Thank you, Future Ruler of All Things Fire 😉" 

Humboldt Bay Chief Robertson sent that email out on 6/13 in the afternoon for individual interviews and I have mine scheduled.

Another retired public defender hired by Humboldt County DA


Retired Deputy Public Defender and former Deputy Conflict Counsel Leslie Keig is now working at tje  Humboldt County DA's office. She will join her former colleague Andy Truitt who already works there.  Mr. Truitt mostly handles cases in early resolution court. Ms. Keig will be appearing on cases in  juvenile court.

According to her Facebook post, "Part time short term extra help. Definitely a different perspective."

I like Ms. Keig but what did I say in my earlier post about Deputy DA Luke Bernthal leaving and hiring of annuitants? Can Maggie and Stacey hire and retain anyone not in the old clique? What does it say when you get  long time retirees and public defenders and cannot get people who want a career as prosecutors to stay?


Daniel Epperson sent graphic, anti semitic, violent texts to the Ulanseys, beat his own parents, hurled hate speech against his own Jewish family members and has a criminal history


Criminal and hate crime suspect  Daniel Epperson is no stranger to law enforcement, the courts.

Last week, I did a post on his custody status and the criminal protective order filed in his case. 

You can read for yourself the threats he made to Lee and Josh Ulansey and his previous court history. This post has exclusive information about texts and DMs and insight from sources familiar with Epperson. According to information provided to me, Epperson beat his own parents and made anti semitic and hate speech to Jewish family members.

The language is graphic, hateful, racist and anti semitic and I am surprised the DA's office chose to charge Epperson with misdemeanors.