Feb 25, 2020

Flashing siren and lights on 6th Street in Eureka

Near N street. Just another typical day, another typical night, for EPD. Only a couple blocks from Eureka City Hall.

Ironically, it is in the same spot where there were 4 EPD cars in the middle of the night on February 3 conducting a field sobriety test.

The current election season is not even over and rumors are rampant about Arroyo, Allison, Lowenstein and Bonino

Do you want to run for Eureka City Council Ward 2 and Ward 4? Current Ward 2 Councilmember is Heidi Messner. Current Ward 4 Councilmember is Austin Allison.

Allison has already indicated that he will not seek another term for Eureka City Council.

Filing period for those two wards is July 13 to August 7.

Supervised release denied for man with $750,000 bail and he gets served with a restraining order the same day

Supervised release for Kevin Carns was denied by Retired Judge Lillian K. Sing for February 24. In another courtroom, a restraining order for three years was granted by Judge Kelly Neel requested by a Ms. Acosta.

Second case of coronavirus in Humbodt not confirmed because individual tested "indeterminate"

A second case of COVID-19 in Humboldt County has not been confirmed because the individual involved has tested “indeterminate” for the virus.

Subject detained, EPD officers investigating incident in Eureka City Hall parking lot

From "remains set" to continued in less than 24 hours

Convicted felon Robert Cullen had another intervention scheduled yesterday. His preliminary hearing  scheduled for February 25 "remained set"; but today it was continued to March 2 by the District Attorney. Time estimate is two hours.

"I was fortunate enough to see my dad that evening but I never got to say goodbye"

(Humboldt Cremation)

Many people in the community know Bob Beland and his wife Elizabeth Martin. If you did not know him, the photo above illustrates well the loving memories shared by his family and friends in court today.

Ryder Stapp cuffed in court and taken into custody to serve 11 year prison sentence

Ryder Stapp was sentenced this morning. He was cuffed and taken into custody to serve his 11 year state prison sentence.

As he was cuffed, it was the only time I saw a brief look of relief and a slight smile on Elizabeth Martin's face. She is Bob Beland's wife. Stapp's family members wiped tears.

On a day that should have been about Bob Beland and family, Eric Bergel decided to create a scene and focus on himself

I did not have to be at the Courthouse today.  I came exclusively for Ryder Stapp's sentencing. It is a very difficult day for Bob Beland and Elizabeth Martin's  family, friends and the community.

Feb 24, 2020

Jane Doe 1 testified that Edward Pena beat her with a baseball bat while her daughter pleaded for her life

Retired Judge Lillian K. Sing presided over the preliminary hearing for Edward Pena. He was held to answer on all charges.

Jane Doe 1 and HCSO Deputy Bradford Andersen testified. Jane Doe 1 is a psychiatric nurse who was in a romantic relationship with Pena, who used to be a marriage and family therapist.