Dec 9, 2023

HR recommendation about DA Chief Investigator Kyla Baxley and the appeal panel should be a no brainer for the BOS


(2021 photo of Baxley and Fleming)

I have known Chief DA Investigator Kyla Baxley for years. I have covered many court cases and trials and Ms. Baxley's work contributed to many successful convictions and justice for survivors. She is helpful, professional, fair, dedicated and an excellent investigator.

Dec 8, 2023

Rob McBeth, a Humboldt Builders PAC and a mysterious Mckinleyville organization for what ballot measure?


I was looking at the unredacted forms filed at the elections office yesterday and a 460 form got my attention. What is this Humboldt Builders Exchange Political Action Committee? They had a $14, 834 balance? Paid $2,470 to an organization I initially couldn't find anything on and the treasurer is good ole boy Rob McBeth, Rex Bohn's close buddy, who has funded specific candidates with certain economic and political views? I was able to find some information on this company filed with the Secretary of State. The address matches the one I saw on the unredacted 460 form. David Watson from Mckinleyville is the organizer.

Instead of jury trial, Jasen Coley case scheduled for change of plea


After the second intervention hearing in murder suspect Jasen Coley's case, Deputy District Attorney Candace Myers and Mr. Michael Robinson were chatting outside court. 

As I reported in another post, Judge Gregory Kreis is out of town on Monday the day, the jury trial was scheduled to start so I expected some rescheduling. I checked on the case today. The case is on 12/13 for change of plea.

Cases sometimes resolve depending after doctors submit reports, Coley entered an additional plea of  not guilty by reason of insanity and as the 12/6 minutes indicated, discussions were ongoing.

21 year old charged with 6 felonies involving two minors held to answer on all charges


Lucas William Russell was held to answer on all charges by Judge Steven Steward after his preliminary hearing  on 12/6. Arraignment on information is on 12/21.

I was correct about the two officers involved in the Matthew Williams OIS shooting


Eureka Police Department issued an update to the OIS shooting today. It confirmed what I reported on Dec 2 that the two officers involved in the actual shooting were Jeremy Sollom and Nick Jones.

Root Birimisa is back in Humboldt jail from Mendocino jail


Root Harvest Birimisa was booked into the Humboldt jail yesterday on his Humboldt case. He had been in Mendocino for other charges. Must be for his Humboldt preliminary. 

Dec 7, 2023

Rex didn't know HCSO was working with FBI?


Sunshine Massage owner and cohort no show in court, bench warrant for $65,000 issued for both


Rongqiu Li and Xiao Chun Wang both posted bond. Yesterday, there was a pre trial for confirmation of interpreters. Both failed to appear. A bench warrant was issued for $65,000 but held until 12/19. That was supposed to be the date for their preliminary hearing; it is now scheduled for setting.

Felony hit and run suspect enters conditional plea for probation


Remember hit and run suspect Jose Guzman Jimenez?  I have been following his case since his arrest. EPD responded to a report of a pedestrian in the roadwalk at 5th and K. No vehicle was at the scene. Evidence and video led to Jimenez being identified as the man who fled the scene.

Dec 6, 2023

HCSO and FBI investigating repeat calls which led to lockdowns at Mckinleyville High

On 12/5/2023, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received numerous telephone calls throughout the school day regarding separate threatening reports.