May 24, 2022

"Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason"

The quote above has been misattributed to Mark Twain. 

On June 7, 2022 when you fill your ballot, don't be predictable. Don't let party, someone else's opinion or the same Humboldt dirty tactics dictate how you feel or who you vote for. Look over each candidate carefully and you have the option of a write in.

Either you like the stench in Humboldt and are a part of it or it is time to change the diaper. The stink and attacks come from those who are afraid, from those who never take responsibility and from those who count on apathy so they will never be held accountable for the destruction they cause and how they treat you. The inner circle is very limited;  if the PG & E blackouts, COVID impacts have not shown you that; what will? 

Simone describing the Humboldt Connected and their sycophants to the T. I laugh at the fools who got sold out in the last election still going up to those that threw them under the bus, "please Humboldt overlords, I want some more. "

Dr. Candy Stockton confirmed as Humboldt's new Health Officer

Dr. Candy Stockton was named Humboldt County’s new Health Officer, following confirmation by the Board of Supervisors today. 

Humboldt Superior Court cannot empanel a grand jury unless they get atleast 25 more applicants



Convicted felon arrested on foreign warrant for firearm charge


William Carl Moon was arrested by HCSO on a foreign warrant yesterday for PC 29800 (a)(1) felon in possession of a firearm.

He has 18 cases in the local court system.

May 23, 2022

RCEA, law enforcement getting reports of energy contract scam

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) and local law enforcement are receiving reports that individuals claiming to represent RCEA and/or Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) are going through neighborhoods asking to come into homes to discuss energy contracts and potential bill savings.

They whine about being blocked yet threaten to ban Eric Kirk


This Facebook public group was recently created. This is what happens when you have petulant children on the Board of Supervisors who hire and reward immature yes men and women for acting like mean girls. Supervisors, current and former County employees and a former local government employee who act like they are in high school.

Readers and voters can decide why Pritesh Patel and Mike Jones called me today

Last week, I did the posts linked below. Pritesh Patel is mentioned in some of the posts.

I have never spoken to Pritesh Patel. He tried calling me twice today. The Humboldt Lodging Alliance lists a Pritesh Patel on their Board of Directors but who knows if the list is current or has changed since October 2020. 

2019 case with some well known names on for dismissal after settlement

Saw a 2019 case on the calendar today. From the list of names, thought I would check it out.  Today, the case is on for a dismissal hearing.

So what was this case which has Danco, Dan Johnson,  Gene Bass, former HCSO Lt. George Cavinta listed as parties? 

Court records and minutes available to the public are minimal.  Digging through the file is not worth the effort because like most local civil cases, after dragging on for years, it is on for dismissal after a settlement. Most of these cases have confidential agreements.

The Romero motion is the latest effort by Markis Shirley to delay his sentencing


Setting of sentencing for convicted felon Markis Shirley was scheduled on May 23. That date was vacated last week. Since my last post, Shirley's sentencing has been continued several times.

Will Patrick Murphy get the diversion he wants or will his case go to trial?


Patrick Murphy was arrested in June 2021 for violating a restraining order. Murphy's attorney is Ms. Kathleen Bryson. Murphy is the former owner of Humboldt Hardware.