Jun 18, 2018

Will Jon Goldberg be sentenced tomorrow or will he get a new trial?

A response to the DA's opposition to the  defense motion for a new trial in the Jon Goldberg case was filed Friday by the Public Defender's office.

Humboldt County Elections office will check provisional ballots tomorrow

"We’ve finished signature checking the Vote By Mail ballots, but they still need to be scanned.  We will start checking provisional ballots tomorrow."

"The issue in this case will turn on the fact that Ms. Luna was not the minor nor the driver of the vehicle."

California attorney Allan Dollison weighs in on the Samantha Luna arrest.

"I watched these viral videos and read some of the coverage. This will be an interesting case. I think there was clear probable cause to stop the vehicle as the minor was placing part of their body through the sun roof of the car. Once a car is stopped police for officer safety have the right under most circumstances to order the driver out of the vehicle."

"The issue in this case will turn on the fact that Ms. Luna was not the minor nor the driver of the vehicle. The US Supreme Court addressed this in a very similar case called Brendlin v. California and ruled that a vehicle/driver seizure does not give law enforcement automatic detention authority over passengers. Law enforcement are allowed to ask passengers to identify themselves, by providing name and date of birth. Ms. Luna did provide that."

Budget hearing going on right now, plenty of public, no media

DA will review arrest made this weekend of Samantha Luna and the other arrestee, a minor

"On Saturday, June 16, the Humboldt State University Police Department was working a multi-agency operation targeting alcohol violations. In conjunction with this operation, two arrests were made off campus at 9th and F streets in Arcata. The University is looking into circumstances surrounding these arrests, as well as videos that have been shared."

Jun 17, 2018

Suspect dead, victims of Walmart shooting in Washington survive

(Photo: KIRO7)

Police responded to a shooting inside the Walmart Supercenter in Tumwater, Washington. Armed citizen shot the suspect.

Two alleged victims, both survived. One victim was shot in the Walmart parking lot. The other at a local school. Suspect shot one victim while he was trying to carjack his vehicle.

Los Angeles County deputy sheriff arrested on suspicion of DUI after smashing truck into 5 parked vehicles

Nicholas Smith, a 24-year-old Los Angeles County deputy sheriff was arrested by CHP on suspicion of DUI after smashing his pickup truck into five parked vehicles in Palmdale early Sunday. No injuries.

Jun 16, 2018

Final Humboldt election results in by Tuesday

This according to a facebook post today by Fifth District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg.

Hwy 255 closed, ditch on fire

Live music, silent auction at Anthony Mantova's fundraiser

Anthony Mantova, Candidate for Ward One, Eureka City Council is having a fundraiser this afternoon at the Eagle House.

About 100 people showed up and it was a very diverse crowd, including some local Republicans.

Crickets from the local NAACP and the local left, again, guess LOCO comments about rape of a deportee and anchor babies are okay

As usual crickets from the local NAACP, the local left and all the businesses who are so "proud to advertise"  on LOCO and pretend they care about women or minorities. 

LOCO for those readers not from Humboldt is Lost Coast Outpost. Please feel free to contact Patrick Cleary and Lost Coast Communications to let them  know how you feel about these comments. 

Without the cloak of anonymity, these cowards would not dare spew such drivel on a regular basis. With five staffers, the comments on this post remain hours later.

True North is okay with this? Is the support of Patrick Cleary and Humboldt Area Foundation what makes True North look the other way? 

“Classic fundamentalist old-guard churches are either dead or dying"

"Classic fundamentalist old-guard churches are either dead or dying, and the younger generation is realizing that the old way of articulating the gospel is turning away more people than it is attracting. "

The article linked below  sums up well what all churches and the GOP need to pay attention to and immediately.

Churches need to preach the good news to all, the body of Christ and Christ's love is not limited to man made rules. The GOP needs to reject the religious right and extremists.