Mar 22, 2018

"I have had six different attorneys!"

Former correctional deputy Cory Fisher is charged with alleged sexual abuse and inappropriate behavior involving six minor male victims.

995 motion to dismiss charges filed in court clerk John Beideman's case

A 995 motion to set aside charges filed in the John Beideman sexual abuse trial is set for April 4 at 8:30 in Courtroom 2. It was filed on March 21.

Defense expects resolution in assault case for Wesley Starritt

Assault suspect Wesley Starritt was arraigned on this morning. Same charges as the ones he was held to answer after the preliminary hearing.

Bail reduction scheduled for Chad Smith next week

Trial confirmation was scheduled today for Chad Smith. His jury trial is scheduled for April 2.  A pre trial and bail reduction hearing is scheduled for March 28.

Defense requests continuance for local jeweler Darin Goodale's court hearing

A pre-trial conference had been scheduled for local jeweler Darin Goodale on March 22. He is charged with reckless evading.

It was continued to May 15 at the defense's request.

Mar 21, 2018

Community forum on autism sponsored by FAAN and Humboldt County Library

Setting of Kimberly Felder's case continued to April 4

Kimberly Felder's hearing to receive doctor's report was continued from February 28 to March 14 to today.

It was also on for setting of preliminary hearing and confirmation of Counsel. Setting was continued to April 4.

Bail hearing scheduled for DUI and hit and run suspect James Merrick

Trial confirmation was scheduled for James Merrick this morning. Jury trial is still scheduled for April 9. A bail hearing is scheduled for March 26 at 8:30 in Courtroom 2.

The jury in the Jon Goldberg will consider Counts 1-3 and lesser charges to murder

The jury in the Jon Goldberg case will deliberate on the following charges:

Bernthal rebuttal long on conjecture, short on evidence

Deputy District Attorney Luke Bernthal in his rebuttal argument this afternoon provided the same ole, same ole.

As he has done throughout the case, Mr. Bernthal stated flat out opinions as facts. Opinions he provided no evidence for during the trial. Of course, he throws in one factual statement in between several mistatements.

If you are going to use your badge to abuse your power, then I will call you out

Bailiff Marcus Walker didn't say anything to Jessica Springer today or the Smith family throughout the jury trial but he called out Jon Goldberg's father in a very loud and unprofessional way this afternoon.

This is how an inexperienced HCSO court deputy who think the badge gives him the power to abuse authority acts. He applies rules inconsistently.

Jessica Springer laughs during defense closing and her talking with the family prompts jurors to glance back

Things are not quite as bad (as they were before my Jerry Springer post) but the crowding outside the coutroom to get in and the theatrics have started again in the last couple of days.

Recently, it is not everyone, just the same two or three people.