Apr 23, 2018

Most reported unverified claims, so far only two media outlets bothered with the facts

Selective amateur videos going viral. Rush to judgement. Protests. How many media outlets bothered to check facts?

“We have moved as a city from a position of compassion to enabling (unacceptable) street behavior, and as mayor I don’t stand for that.”

"San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell is promising an aggressive crackdown on homeless encampments in the city's Mission District -- he says those camps will be cleared out this week.  "

Unknown suspect shoots dog on 1300 block of 11th street

On April 22, 2018, at about 7:07 p.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the 1300 block of Eleventh Street for the report that a dog had been shot by an unknown suspect.

RCRC Board of Directors heading to Humboldt this week

Tip leads to arrest of Rudy Nunez who was on federal probation for narcotics distribution

Acting on a tip, Special Agents with the Drug Task Force with assistance from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and a Humboldt County District Attorney K-9 Investigator conducted surveillance in the 1600 block of Broadway in Eureka.

I don't want to waive time. I am not stupid. I know it isn't his fault. I have had six different attorneys."

The defense's own gag order in the Cory Fisher case is now backfiring on them.

The Humboldt Bay Cruise Ship Partnership seeks volunteers

The Humboldt Bay Harbor District and the City of Eureka have formed a partnership with the Eureka Visitor Center, Eureka  Main Street, and community volunteer Chet Albin to strategically recruit cruise ships to Humboldt Bay.

Wondering what happened to the Attorney General's investigation into the public administrator's office?

You are going to have to wonder a little longer.

I sent the following questions to the Attorney General's office on April 16.

1. Is the investigation complete?
2. If not, any timeline on when the AG will release information?
3. Have any allegations been substantiated so far.

I did receive an initial response right away from Tania Mercado, Press Secretary, California Department of Justice. I did not received a response regarding the questions by the requested deadline.

I sent another email to follow up this morning. Got this response from Ms. Mercado.

"Thanks, John I passed along your inquiry to my colleague who handles these types of matters."

Just got this standard response from AG Press Office:

"To protect its integrity, we can’t comment on, even to confirm or deny, a potential or ongoing investigation."

Court clerk John Beideman's jury trial now scheduled for July 16

Setting of court clerk John Beideman's jury trial was scheduled for this morning. Beideman entered both a 10 and 60 day time waiver.

Trial confirmation is scheduled for June 13. Jury trial is scheduled for July 16.

Law enforcement is doing their job; California politicians and Humboldt Judges are not

Desiree Henley's arrest is just one example of repeat offenders. Continuance after continuance for someone like Ewa Misztal, who has been sentenced, yet is awaiting reccomendation where she should be placed is why jail beds are an issue. This is why the court calendar is jammed.

Received probation on April 17, Desiree Henley arrested on April 20. With her record, anyone surprised?

Desiree Henley was arrested by Eureka Police Department on Friday, April 20 for alleged violation of  PC1203.2(a)(1), violation of probation PC273.5 and child endangerment.

Apr 22, 2018

Fortuna Police arrest Iowa man for burglary at Peppers

On April 22, 2018  at approximately 9:23 am, officers responded to the area of Rohner Park to attempt to locate a male subject who was identified as the suspect from the burglary of the restaurant located in the 700 Block of South Fortuna Blvd that occurred on April 20th.