Apr 5, 2020

Man decided to paddle board disobeying stay at home order, was arrested

On April 2, 2020, Lost Hills Sheriff’s station deputies were flagged down by lifeguards regarding a male adult in the water, disobeying lifeguard orders to exit the water.

Enough tests for public in California by next month could lead to easing of stay at home measures

California COVID-19 task force lead hopes to have enough tests for general public by next month and that could impact if stay at home measures could be eased.


A new model from a University of Washington medical research group predicts when the impact of the coronavirus pandemic will reach its climax in each state. In California,  that day is estimated around April 26.


Hear those sirens? Our dispatchers, law enforcement and first responders need our prayers and support

Just in the last two hours, I can hear sirens near 5th and 6th street. I had to call the non emergency EPD number two days ago. They were so busy and had a lot medical emergencies. Despite this the dispatcher was kind, polite and helpful. I could hear the exhausation in her voice

The EPD dispatchers are always wonderful but right now, those are on the frontlines are maxed. They leave their families every day and take risks for us.

Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

No new coronavirus cases reported in Mendocino County today

Man on probation arrested for assault on his cousin

On 03-29-2020 at approximately 3:10 PM, Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office responded to a reported assault that occurred in the 1700 block of Talmage Court in Talmage, California.

Apr 4, 2020

The guy who "got off the bus from Louisiana" and others are running all over town and nothing you can do about the risk

Is lack of local enforcement of shelter order regarding residents endangering your health?

The letter from the property management company has had impact on most residents except the 290 registrant. However, the same guy who is constantly out several times a day, had the friend "get off the bus from Louisiana" now has an unknown guy living/visting here since the Louisiana remark and he continues to have transients and others from the alleys visit him, with their dogs and drives with these people all over town. I have been home all day and the latest visitor and this guy left at 5:15 and came back at 6:15. The visitor happened to be wearing the same bandana as the guy, allegdly from Lousiana. The racket they were making made me get up and look out my window.

Calling EPD won't do any good. EPD is having Code Enforcement handle shelter order violations.  Code Enforcement called the property management company once already. EPD and Code Enforcement are busy.

When I have tried to document violations and inform property management and sent them another photo yesterday, they are giving me attitude and refuse to do anything about this tenant.

I have been researching the law regarding the constitution and the shelter in place order. I have also just started researching tort law, specifically negligence, regarding knowingly transmitting the coronavirus. While there are challenges, from what I read so far it isn't impossible.

Even if legally it is a challenge, when photos of the violation and detailed documentation has been provided about someone refusing to follow the shelter in place order, being out several times a day, deliberating putting the community at risk, why are the authorities and the property management company blowing off the risk to you and me?  And, I am putting this post out there in public due to intimidation by the property management company.

I am trying to inform and protect myself and you. Isn't that what media and responsible citizens do?

The tenant is harassing me and retaliating as well. Try protecting yourself when everything is shut down due to the pandemic.

The property management company is aware of this harassment. There are challenges and I can't take photos of this guy and his visitors today without risking my safety. The property management and authorities have other photos of repeated violations.

Regardless of  differences you have with anyone, we are all  one community and right now we need to be watching out for each other.

I am human, just as scared as you are and to continue speaking out isn't easy. I dont want anyone to get sick, I cant control that but seeing someone deliberately put this community at risk is not okay.

There have been issues prior to COVID with this guy. He knows that besides meaningless warnings, property management wont do anything. This situation is different. We are in the middle of a deadly pandemic and people can get sick and die due to inaction.

If the next step from education is enforcement, why are the local authorities only penalizing businesses but giving a pass to repeat resident offenders?

4/5 update (10:05 a.m.): I left briefly to the go to the corner store and two other tenants still standing around next to each other smoking. The guy I mentioned was leaving with his friend from Louisiana who was carrying his bags.

San Francisco is doing more than educating. Why aren't we?

Patient from K'ima:w Medical Center has tested positive for COVID 19

Coronavirus immunity test from Stanford "hours away" from federal approval

A new immunity test from Stanford University and an increased focus on screening for coronavirus will help the state's ultimate goal of getting Californians back to work.

The Stanford blood test is just “hours” away from federal approval and could allow people to begin to return to work. The tests are “serological” and could determine whether someone has developed antibodies to the coronavirus. In theory, those who develop immunity may be able to safely interact with others without catching or spreading it.

Yet another example of Leon's Car Care Center going the extra mile for their customers

"We have doing  some pick up and for our customers vehicles for repairs or vehicle maintenance. While we would have done this before the virus. So to help you and your vehicle fleet, and reduce employee exposure. Leon's can pick up and deliver for your fleet vehicle. Sanitizing steering wheel, door handles, keys etc on the return Call or email. us." Dale Warmuth

I had done a post on March 17 about additional preventative measures Leon's Car Care  Center put in response to the COVID 19 pandemic.


What does it mean if you test positive for COVID 19?