Jun 30, 2017

So where are AHAA, Harm Reduction and politicians today to help clean up and help Betty Chinn?

HSU not involved with Justice for Josiah press conference today

From HSU Marketing and Communications Department:

Attn. Editors: This is an FYI. The following post is from Facebook. Humboldt State University is not involved with the press conference. 

Press Conference with City Officials and Arcata Police Department


Sheriff Honsal starts investigation regarding Public Administrator's Office handling of summary probate case

This release is to inform the public that Sheriff William Honsal has started an investigation into the current and past practices, policies and procedures of the Public Administrator’s Office relating to the disposal of property under a formal or summary probate case.

Jun 29, 2017

Dakota McGovern booked for stolen property belonging to Betty Chinn warehouse

Dakota McGovern booked for receiving stolen property and violation of probation.

Captain Steve Watson:

EPD recovered 3 duffle bags of clothing, blankets + toys belonging to Betty Chinn's Outreach. Dakota McGovern booked for the stolen property

3 suspects in custody so far for possession of stolen property related to the burglary of her storage building.  We're not done yet!

Alleged possession of heroin, meth, weed and cash while out on bail

Court grants County Counsel's demurrer ; gives instructions to amend the peition; and orders deposition of David Marcus

Visiting Judge Marjorie Carter heard from Humboldt County Counsel and Mr. Patrik Griego on two motions requested by County Counsel this morning.

Trial setting for James Merrick continued to July 26

Arthur James Merrick was held to answer on the charges after his preliminary hearing on February 14. He was arraigned on information for jury trial on February 28.

His jury trial for June 12 was vacated. Trial setting was scheduled for June 29. That was continued to July 26 at 10:15.

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"The body of Shelia Frank's can be located on a property in Alderpoint in a well or sistren"

( Photo from Crime Watcher's Net)

"The body of Shelia Frank's can be located on a property in Alderpoint in a well or cistern. The property is owned by someone named Sarge. Was said that acetone was poured over the body. "

The person wanted to give the information anonymously and came forward with this because the person wanted the family to have closure.

The homeless people who were present during and after this burglary, and know who is responsible, need to step forward and share this information with EPD."

(Captain Watson)
I checked with EPD Captain Steve Watson if there were any more arrests planned in connection with the break in at the Betty Chinn Center's warehouse.

"Not at this time but that could change if more actionable information come to light. We are very motivated to bring those responsible for this reprehensible crime to justice."

Illegal weed grow, 225 xanax pills, $80,000 in cash seized in Visser Court bust

California appeals court rejects public defender's request to fix "flawed" court software


On Wednesday, a California appeals court denied efforts to overturn a county court’s decision not to intervene in an ongoing dispute between the public defender’s office and the administrative arm of the Alameda County Superior Court itself. The dispute is over allegedly flawed court

Jury trial for Bryan Ross Main charged with unlawfully touching a minor and failure to register as a sex offender set for October

Trial setting was scheduled for Bryan Ross Main yesterday morning. He is charged with unlawfully touching a minor and failure to register as a sex offender. The incident allegedly occurred at the Sweet Spot.

Trial confirmation is scheduled for October 11 at 8:30. Jury trial is scheduled for October 23.

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Jun 28, 2017

Keep Eureka criminal or Keep Eureka homeless; new marketing slogan brought to you by those in charge

"Keep Eureka criminal" or "Keep Eureka homeless," the new marketing slogan.

EPD detains a man at the foot of F street allegedly injecting drugs and waving a knife in the air

According to Operation Safe Streets, EPD units are headed to the foot of F Street for a report of a male subject injecting drugs, waving a knife in air and stabbing the railing.  No officers on scene yet.

Update 1819 hrs - one detained after a brief foot chase.

Stealing from those Betty Chinn helps; can Eureka sink any lower?

"I represent myself. No public pretender."

James Pawlyk entered court and as he was being seated, he started yelling, "I want to know where my attorney Bradford Floyd is? I have been denied access to my attorney. You have to let me go!"

As Visiting Judge Terrance Boren tried to state on record, Pawlyk's refusal to come to court, three times in a row, Pawlyk kept interrupting him, yelling, "I never refused" twice and once Pawlyk responded, "Not true. I was having problem with this BS."

Judge Boren said, "I understand you are disputing this, let me finish Sir."

Pawlyk burst out with, "I happen to be a Judge in Shasta County. You are talking to a fellow Judge."

In addition to claiming to be a FBI agent, James Pawlyk claimed to be a Shasta County Judge in court today

James Pawlyk refused to come to court for the third time yesterday. He said he would need to be "forcibly brought down."

His arraignment was continued until this afternoon. Visiting Judge Terrance Boren indicated that if force was neccessary, it could be used to ensure Pawlyk's presence in court.

No other media was in court. When Pawlyk was brought down at 3:08, it was just court staff, attorneys, bailiffs and me. All other cases had been called.

Pawlyk did not disappoint with fireworks.

Lawsuit regarding the hiring of Public Defender David Marcus moved up one day

In May, Humboldt County counsel filed a demurrer to the first amended petition for writ of mandate, which was to be heard on June 30th at 8:30 am. This is in response to the lawsuit filed by Mr. Patrik Griego about the hiring of Humboldt County Public Defender, Mr. David Marcus. Mr. Griego has filed an opposition.

The date of June 30 has been vacated and that hearing will take place at 9 a.m tomorrow in Courtroom 3 with Visiting Judge David Devore. A motion to strike portions of the first amended petition for writ of mandate requested by County Counsel will also be heard tomorrow.

Jun 27, 2017

EPD responding to Bayshore Mall for alleged juvenile on juvenile assault

Eureka Police Department responding to the Bayshore Mall.  Security has one juvenile detained for allegedly assaulting another juvenile.

Giddings found guilty of second degree murder; Huntzinger found not guilty

After several read backs, the jury in the Giddings-Huntzinger case came back with this verdict.

Billy Joe Gidding guilty of 2nd degree murder.  Robert Louis Huntsinger not guilty.

Giddings will be sentenced August 16.

Yesterday's post on alleged assault at Chevron results in two leads, same name

Yesterday, I did a post on an alleged assault on a local business owner that received great response .

I received a confidential tip on a possible match to the alleged suspect. And two comments on the original post, same name, one with an address. Another facebook comment, same name.

$500,000 bail set for Michael Grant charged with attempted murder

Michael Grant was arraigned today on his attempted murder case, which is Count 1 with a special allegation. Charges below:

James Pawlyk refuses to come to court for the third time saying "he will need to be forcibly brought down"

Cowboy hat wearing, alleged crime spree suspect refused to come to court for the third time this afternoon.

Visiting Judge Terrance Boren was informed by the bailiff that Pawlyk said "he will have to be forcibly brought down."

Arraignment was continued until tomorrow with Judge Boren ordering that force be used, if neccessary to ensure Pawlyk's presence in court.

Delay after delay, jury trial reset again, two years later David Viveiros' alleged victims await their day in court

A trial date was set for David Viveiros, yet again, this morning in Courtroom 3. A pre-trial conference is scheduled for July 19 at 8:30 a.m. Trial confirmation on September 20 at 8:30 a.m. and Jury trial for October 10 at 9:15 a.m.

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Jury trial vacated for Jesus Garcia homicide; rescheduled for October

                                  (Joe Olivio III)

Signal pole and control box for new traffic light in Cutten vandalized this weekend

This weekend someone tagged/spray painted the new Signal Poles and Control Box installed in Cutten, according to First District Supervisor Rex Bohn.

Public Works cleaned up their mess.

Jun 26, 2017

"This is unfortunately what Eureka has become", businessowner considers moving back to Marin after being allegedly attacked

Text of craigslist post:

"Tonight I was accosted by a knife-wielding individual at the Chevron on 101 south, who repeatedly hit my car window, first with his knife, then with his fist repeatedly. Thank God my window was closed or he would have hit my neck with his knife and probably killed me. He came from the red car. Do you know him? Then please contact the EPD at 441-4044, case number 17-005048. You or your family could be next.

With 3 justices dissenting, U. S. Supreme Court orders states to list same sex couples on birth certificates



"On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution requires states to list married same-sex couples on their children’s birth certificate. "

James Pawlyk refused to come to court, again; arraignment continued again

James Pawlyk refused to come to court on Friday. His arraignment was continued until this afternoon, he refused again.

Visiting Judge Terrance Boren continued arraignment until tomorrow.

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Criminal proceedings suspended in Kimberly Felder's case; mental competency evaluation ordered

Intervention was held this morning for Kimberly Felder. Her preliminary hearing scheduled for July 3 was vacated. Criminal proceedings have been suspended, for now.

Defense requested a mental competency evaluation. Judge Christopher Wilson signed that order. A hearing to receive Dr. Ramirez's report is scheduled for July 17.

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Maybe John Hardin needs to stop smoking and start fact checking before writing his fiction

What other facts are missing from John Hardin's latest fictional diatribe? Reprinted on LOCO, without fact checking.


No such decision has been made. Saying the Supervisors and County are allowing new grows on forest land is incorrect.  Does Hardin have any proof that any Supervisor is supporting such a proposal?

EPD presence outside Denny's

EPD at Denny's.

According to an observer  who pulled up just as the officers were detaining a woman, the woman was yelling at a person who drove off on a bicycle. She kept yelling after that person was gone, towards the Eureka police station until she was arrested.

Eureka City Council, these are your constituents, why do you keep ignoring us?

Here is a link to an issue brought up on Operation Safe Streets and responses. This is the kind of discussion our elected and appointed officials should encourage, especially the "progressive" ones.


Jun 25, 2017

"Register your car and get a drivers license or you will be arrested, it is quite simple. "

Jay Parkkari so far, has been undeterred in his delusion and besides harassing Fifth District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg, he has also been trying the same tactics on Fourth District Supervisor Virginia Bass, Eureka Mayor Frank Jager and Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills.

Email Exchange #1:

From: jay parkkari <inndamoment@gmail.com>
Sent: Friday, June 23, 2017 6:37:29 PM
To: Sundberg, Ryan
Cc: District Attorney
Subject: Re: Chief Andrew Mills has made criminal threats of bodily harm and theft.

It's ok to be gay, but your being Jewish and gay is not ok with the far left, because everything is offensive

Another example of the far left hijacking and legitimate causes. You can be gay but not Jewish and gay.

Jackass in a black car thinks crossing 4th and I is more important than Humboldt Bay Fire

Jun 23, 2017

Inmate who died today turned 36, eleven days ago

From Birth Records:

Colleen Marie Branch
Born: June 12, 1981
Birth Place: Humboldt County, California

Jury in Giddings and Huntzinger case sent home this afternoon

The jury in the Giddings and Huntzinger case briefly deliberated after lunch today and adjourned until Monday.

One of the jurors was feeling sick.

Michael Grant arrested for attempted murder in Wabash incident

 On June 16, 2017 at about 9:32 a.m., the Eureka Police Department received reports of two shots fired in the area of Wabash Avenue and B Street.  The suspect was seen leaving in a black Dodge Charger.  Officers responded and located two shell casings in the street on the 20 block of Wabash Avenue.  

Grandma who was arrested for leaving two year old grandchild in locked car released from custody despite objection by the DA

Katherine Perri, who was arrested at Bear River Casino and charged with leaving her two year old grandchild in a locked car she she went into the casino to gamble, was released from custody today, despite objections from the People, represented in court today by Deputy District Attorney Luke Bernthal.

James Pawlyk refused to come to court for his arraignment, bail now $150,000

James Pawlyk refused to come to court for his arraignment. It was continued to June 26 at 1:29 p.m.

Bail set by the Court at $150,000.

No other media was in court.

James Pawlyk charged with assault with a deadly weapon and three counts of vandalism

Cowboy hat suspect James Pawlyk still in custody; on must go list to be arraigned by today

James Pawlyk is on the must go list today to be arraigned. If he isn't, he will be released from custody. The DA's office is entering law enforcement reports right now.

I will update later, if he is arraigned today, which would be a late arraignment.

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Jun 22, 2017

This is how we could cover court trials but we don't; a four line summary on closing arguments

This was my suggestion to my fellow court reporters on summarizing closing arguments in the Giddings-Huntzinger case.

"Deputy DA Rees said he did it. Deputy PD Luke Brownfield said, my guy was forced to defend himself. Russ Clanton said, I got nothing. My guy was not there.

Rebuttal: Deputy DA Rees. I submit on the evidence."

Cowboy hat wearing crime spree suspect corralled into jail

On Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at about 1200 hours, the two week crime spree, perpetrated by the mysterious cowboy hat wearing subject claiming to be an FBI Agent, has finally came to an end.

Preliminary hearing set for Joshua David Grow's criminal case; he cannot use his contractor's license

The Attorney General's office is handling the issue regarding  Joshua David Grow's contractor license. Today, via phone, an attorney appeared on that matter.

Visiting Judge Marjorie Carter granted the order this morning and Grow cannot use his contractor license.

Grow is a Mckinleyville resident with a business in Arcata.

Law enforcement in CA must provide just cause to hold people’s vehicles and cannot automatically impound them for a set period


"The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday declared invalid a California statute requiring that police, after impounding a vehicle driven by an unlicensed driver, store that vehicle for 30 days."

To Napa and back, now preliminary set for Hoopa teen charged with stabbing of 52 year old in Arcata

Criminal proceedings had been suspended for Richard Dean, the Hoopa teen charged with the stabbing of the 52 year old in Arcata in January 2016. In May 2016, Dean was admitted to Napa State Hospital. In March 2017, after a six month review, Dean was awarded a certificate of mental competency.

Sometimes it is better to safe than sorry; Ferndale Police Chief on last night's response to City Hall

Last night Ferndale Police responded to City Hall while the City Council Meeting was happening. Report was regarding a disturbance.

This morning I spoke with Ferndale Police Chief Bret Smith. "It was more preventive. An individual was a little disruptive while making his point." 

Jun 21, 2017

The first Trinidad Bay Art and Music Festival to be held in August

I have had a concept buried in the back of my mind for over ten years. We are now ready to launch TBAM, Trinidad Bay Art & Music Festival for the Summer of 2017. It is long overdue. The Festival focus is on “regional talent with international connections”, a one degree reach into our radiating musical circles. 

"Want to buy marijuana?" Silver Dodge Charger on W. Del Norte allegedly selling out of car

Look out for Silver Dodge Charger on/near W. Del Norte. Reporting party told EPD dispatcher, occupant, white male approached reporting party asking if you "want to buy marijuana."

Ferndale police responding to report of disturbance at Ferndale City Council meeting

Ferndale police have responded to a report of disturbance/incident at the Ferndale City Council meeting.

Sharon Erickson, on probation, arrested for alleged possession of 108 pounds of weed

On Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at about 0007 hours, a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Deputy was on routine patrol in the area of School Road and Central Avenue, McKinleyville. The Deputy observed a vehicle with an unreadable rear license plate and attempted a traffic stop. The vehicle initially failed to yield to the Deputy’s lights and sirens.