Jun 27, 2017

Yesterday's post on alleged assault at Chevron results in two leads, same name

Yesterday, I did a post on an alleged assault on a local business owner that received great response .

I received a confidential tip on a possible match to the alleged suspect. And two comments on the original post, same name, one with an address. Another facebook comment, same name.

I  contacted EPD regarding the report and passed on this information to them. EPD is investigating the case and will follow up. No arrests have been made, so far.

Previous post:

On Craigslist rants and raves, the post has been edited today, and this photo and text added:


"The new frame from the video shows the suspect accosting and possibly threatening the driver of the white 4Runner next to the Applebees in Eureka on the back road to the Mall on Thursday June 22, at 8:42 pm. The driver had witnessed him hitting the side of my window at with his fists repeatedly and tried to block his car from leaving. I believe he probably threated him with the knife, but I could not see it from the images."


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