Jun 28, 2017

Stealing from those Betty Chinn helps; can Eureka sink any lower?

On June 28, 2017, at about 6:15 a.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the 70 block of West 2nd Street for the report of a burglary to a large storage building.  Dispatchers received second hand information that transients were taking property from the building which stores goods belonging to the Betty Kwan Chinn Center.  

Chinn responded and reported that the building had been completely ransacked, defecated in, and a large amount of property had been stolen.  
The stolen items included supplies and goods collected for about twenty college bound, low-income students.  
At about 1:30 p.m., the Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP) was patrolling the area of West 3rd and Commercial Streets when they noticed a large amount of property on the sidewalk near a group of transients.  Chinn responded and identified the property as hers but said there was a large amount of property still outstanding.  

27 year old Brittany Johnson and 49 year old Daniel Gurley were sitting with the property when officers arrived.  They were transported and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for possession of stolen property.  Gurley had an additional charge for violation of probation.


  1. Mariann Lou BergenskyJune 28, 2017 at 8:06 PM

    I understand how terrible this is, but I recently found out, China only offers showers 2 days a week to those in need, and they have a 1 hour early morning sign up to get in. Otherwise there are no showers. Tired to send someone to get clothes there for a job, and nope, can't help. Chinas place closes at 3 each day. Another friend needed a bus pass, to get to work until he got his first check, but no help there. Just wondering what and where all the money she gets in grants and donations goes to? doesn't actually seem to help those wanting help that I know of.

  2. I know nothing about the set up but let's start off with a correction. Her name is Betty Chinn, not 'China'. Since your last name is uncommon, I'm thinking you're related to the larger Bergensky clan in the Humboldt Bay area so perhaps you've read about Betty Chinn's efforts.
    But I fail to see how criticizing her for what other people have found lacking in the help her organization offers has to do with criminals breaking into private property and stealing clothing and other needed things for low income youth who are going to go to college.
    Reading about people like that makes me think of a pack of feral dogs...

    But back to Betty Chinn. Before you criticize her, or pass along criticism, do some research. Took me less than five minutes and here's the information on the shower. I think you need to read the whole story about how it came amount and the 'hour' is for sign up, not just to take a shower:

    A place such as Betty Chinn runs relies on volunteers and by having limited hours the funds they do have can go to supplies and services, not wages.
    And if a bus pass wasn't available maybe there wasn't money for that at the time, or some other logical reason.
    Here is what they try to do:
    It's a pretty long list and "all the money she gets in grants and donations", well feeding people does cost money. And if it really bothers you then why don't you go to the center and ask?
    Maybe if you take a good look and see what's really been accomplished you'll donate time and money to help more people instead of criticizing someone who's been doing that for what seems to be quite a while.
    "doesn't actually seem to help those wanting help that I know of."
    So you come here to complain. I'm sure that really helps a lot.
    And what have YOU done to make anything in Eureka better?
    I wonder if maybe you wanted something from Betty Chinn's place and didn't get it so had to complain about her.
    Sorry, you picked the WRONG place. I'm not in Eureka but I have a whole lot of respect for what Betty has done and those that work with her, a lesson to us all.

    1. Mariann Lou BergenskyJune 29, 2017 at 6:04 PM

      it was spell check that changed her name. get over it. she gets tons of donations and grants, yet is in it for namesake. the glory. too many people have not been helped from her, that actually wanted it.

    2. that woman is a angel!.... she has helped more people than can be counted & never asked for glory. that woman has some nerve to take jabs at her after all this.