Jun 22, 2017

This is how we could cover court trials but we don't; a four line summary on closing arguments

This was my suggestion to my fellow court reporters on summarizing closing arguments in the Giddings-Huntzinger case.

"Deputy DA Rees said he did it. Deputy PD Luke Brownfield said, my guy was forced to defend himself. Russ Clanton said, I got nothing. My guy was not there.

Rebuttal: Deputy DA Rees. I submit on the evidence."

I chose not cover the Giddings-Huntzinger case. Both, Rhonda Parker from LOCO and Sam Armanino from Times-Standard have been there every day.

After covering detailed court cases, especially all day trials, I know how they feel typing up an entire day's testimony, after sitting in court all day. This is how we could cover a court case but we don't.

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  1. Russ Clanton is a blubbering moron who can't put together a coherent sentence for anyone to follow. Seriously, who would actually pay him to be the defense attorney?