Jun 14, 2017

Jason Sheets is the fourth Deputy DA to go over to the Public Defender's office

First, Luke Brownfield, then Kelly Neel, then Brie Bennett, now Jason Sheets.

Four former Humboldt Deputy District Attorneys now working at the Public Defender's office.

Jason Sheets, left the DA's office to work at the County Counsel's office in and on June 5, 2017, he started as extra help at the Public Defender's office.

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  1. I don't know if Humboldt County requires someone who needs the services of the Public Defender's office to make a payment to the Public Defender for such services. Los Angeles had that policy and even thought it was $50 (a small sum for many of us) for those who need a public defender, that charge could be very difficult to pay.
    I hope Humboldt doesn't but it has served to call attention to the very necessary services the Public Defender Office provides and the addition of the very qualified lawyers joining this office should shine a positive light on the office.
    Next question: When will the court case against the current PD head be heard in court? I wonder if those who supported him and encouraged him to come to Eureka are trying to find another easy berth for him to h elp ease him out.
    Do you know if any of the new hires are qualified to handle a capital offense trial?

    1. In Humboldt, you are asked if you have the ability to pay for a lawyer. If not, PD is appointed. Some Judges ask everyone what their income is on record, some Judges ask only repeat offenders they are familiar with. Current PD court case cant answer until next hearing coming up.

  2. They were Gallegos hires. They prefer a defense attorney as boss.

  3. Thanks Anonymous, that sort of perspective is useful to someone who hadn't been keeping score.
    Working for a PD would probably make for an easier transition into private practice also.