Jun 8, 2017

Help EPD nab the alleged dognapper

White male, 25 years old, purple hair, blue jeans on bike, heading from Bayshore Mall towards Truesdale, with a grey, medium sized dog, not his, according to the reporting party calling EPD.

Help EPD nab the alleged dognapper. Allegedly, a woman was beating the dog with her fist that resulted in the start of this call.


  1. Is it a male or female we are looking for? The first paragraph describes a male; the second paragraph describes a female.

    1. Male took off with the dog. The woman allegedly was beating the dog with her fist before the alleged dognapping.

  2. I would of done the same if I seen somebody doing that to a animal

  3. If the woman was beating the dog, then is EPD Charging her with animal abuse?

    Sounds like the man who took the dog performed a public service, and especially an act of kindness for the dog.