Jun 30, 2017

HSU not involved with Justice for Josiah press conference today

From HSU Marketing and Communications Department:

Attn. Editors: This is an FYI. The following post is from Facebook. Humboldt State University is not involved with the press conference. 

Press Conference with City Officials and Arcata Police Department


There will be a press conference tomorrow (Friday, June 30) at 11:00 a.m on the UC Quad. City Manager of Arcata will be present along with detectives from Arcata Police Department. This will be an opportunity for the press to ask questions as there has been a lack of transparency from the police in the murder investigation.


  1. "Lack of transparency"? It's an ongoing homicide investigation, you nitwits! It's absolutely standard for an ongoing investigation to remain under close wraps until it is completed, for reasons which are to obvious to state.

  2. As a business owner in Arcata, I was approached by two black students in my store saying they represent the family of the boy killed. They had a poster they wanted to hang in my window. I said I would hang it and they informed me that they will be informing the students of HSU to only shop at the businesses with this sign in their windows. I was shocked! I have stayed politically neutral for 16 years as that is best for Business.
    I call this harassment.

  3. I've heard that Arcata PD and UPD (and possibly CHP and HCSO who responded in mutual aid) have dash cam and body cam footage from their arrival on scene that night. It would be interesting to try to obtain that through a public records request to get a better idea of what the party and scene were like following their arrival. I think it would be a serious reality check for some of these people.

    1. Heard back from HCSO, APD and HSU. HCSO does not have videos on vehicles, referred me to records department. This is the response from APD Chief Tom Chapman:

      "Audio and video footage associated with criminal investigations are considered evidence and not subject to public disclosure."

      After APD's response, I did not further contact HSU.