Dec 31, 2017

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Domestic disturbance call results in one deputy dead, four injured, two civilians,wounded

(Image KMGH)
Another ambush style attack.

From Douglas County Sheriff's Department:

**Copper Canyon OIS Update** Five deputies were shot by a suspect who will not be identified at this time. One deputy has been confirmed deceased. Two civilians have also been shot by the suspect. The suspect has been shot by deputies and is believed to be deceased as well. There is no longer a threat in the area, however, this is still a very active crime scene, deputies will be in the area for an extended period of time. "

Dec 30, 2017

"Two tacos, three chicken strips, a half portion of curly fries and a half portion of onion rings, five mini churros and a small drink, all for the price of $4.20, plus tax"

Humboldt is not the pilot site for this trial run.
"These are some high times for Jack in the Box customers, especially for those who are cannabis enthusiasts. Jack in the Box (Nasdaq: JACK) recently partnered with Merry Jane, the digital media platform co-founded by hit rapper Snoop Dogg, to create the Merry Munchie Meal.

EPD and CHP responding to 7333 Humboldt Hill Road, multiple 911 calls

Spoke to HCSO Sgt. Greg Allen. There was a mix up in the address and numbers given and some confusion whether it was Humboldt Hill or street. Nothing to report.

EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell had a similar response:  "All I’m seeing is multiple abandoned or accidental 911 calls either coming from that location or near it.  This address is in the HCSO jurisdiction. "

Law enforcement responds to call about shots fired on Big Lagoon Road

HCSO Sgt. Greg Allen said there were "no injuries, no suspects at this time.  Investigation is ongoing."

(HCSO update below)

Richard Lee Smart arrested in connection to Redway restaurant burglary

#UPDATE Humboldt County Sheriff's Deputies arrested Richard Lee Smart, 38, today in connection to the burglary of a Redway restaurant on Dec. 27. Smart was booked on charges of burglary and vandalism.

(Photo with original press release)

Dec 29, 2017

Female officer shot ambush style in downtown Los Angeles

(Image: KTLA)

A female officer was hospitalized tonight after being shot in an ambush-style attack near downtown Los Angeles

One person is in custody.  Police are looking for other possible suspects. 

The officer was with a partner, who was not wounded. Neither fired a weapon.

Keith Dwayne Giampapa's jury trial is expected to last 6 weeks

Keith Dewayne Giampapa's jury trial is scheduled to start on January 4.

Charges and special allegations for each count are listed below.

Resolutions are nice but they do not and cannot convey the impact someone has had on people in a career that spans decades

Resolutions are nice but they do not and cannot convey the impact someone has had on people in a career that spans decades, especially in a small town.

Deputy Greg Bickel and Sgt. Mitch Gratz aren't the only ones who retired today. Court Reporter Jackie Musselman also retired today.

Juan "Manny" Ramirez is EPD's first Community Service Officer

Chief Steve Watson:

On December 5th, the Eureka City Council approved a number of position modifications and reorganization changes I requested for EPD in order to improve departmental efficiencies and operations, and to provide a higher level of customer service to our community. 

Lee Conoboy to be arraigned this afternoon; charged with attempted murder & assault with a deadly weapon

Lee Conoboy will be arraigned this afternoon. He is charged with two counts; two special allegations. Complaint lists the weapon as a knife. Alleged victim Matthew Kralle.

"Lil Creeper's" sentencing continued to January 4

Horacio Miranda aka "Lil Creeper" was scheduled to be sentenced December 21. He tried to withdraw his plea but that backfired.

Sentencing continued to 1/4/18.

Dec 28, 2017

Instead of regaling jail staff with his "law expertise", James Pawlyk can now entertain NAPA staff

A hearing was held December 27 for James Pawlyk. He was finally transported to NAPA on 11/8.

By the time Reed Tardy is transported to NAPA, he may just become competent hanging out at the Humboldt Hilton

Confirmation of transport was scheduled on November 28 for Reed Tardy. Continued to December 5. Continued to December 12. Continued to January 4, 2018, days before his 90 day review.

By the time he is transported, he might just be competent to stand trial without NAPA's JBCT program.

Mexican citizen charged with attempted murder of a HCSO deputy and assault of a HCSO Sgt back in court this afternoon

Intervention was scheduled this afternoon for Hugo Parral-Aguirre.  It was continued His preliminary hearing scheduled for January 3 was vacated.

Just convicted & sentenced on 7/17 for three cases; is Richard Nelson the kind of man you want out of custody?

Richard Leon Nelson is out of custody. He spent 7 days in jail for his most recent arrest.

His arraignment on 12/27 was continued to January 2 so he can hire a private attorney. Nelson was served with a protective order on 12/27.

Nelson is charged with two counts and two special allegations in his most recent case. Count 1: Abnormal sexual interest in children/arranging a meeting with aminor for lewd purposes. Count 2 Contacting a minor to commit a felony.

Finally, the elusive report by Dr. Chamberlain for Ewa Misztal was received by the court

December 27 was the sixth time the hearing was continued for Ewa Misztal because there was no doctor's report. It was continued to this morning.

Local attorney Andrew Stunich enters guilty plea to carrying loaded firearm in public

"Today, attorney Andrew Stunich pled guilty to violating California Penal Code section 25850(a) - carrying a loaded firearm  in a public place - as a result of his bringing a loaded gun into the courthouse on August 22, 2017.  (An alternative misdemeanor charge of possessing a firearm in a public building was dismissed.)  At the time of sentencing DDA Tobias Hasler advised the Court that Mr. Stunich did not possess a permit to carry a concealed firearm.  Visiting Judge Charles Ervin sentenced Mr. Stunich to misdemeanor probation for 18 months.  During that time he must not possess any firearms and will be subject to search and seizure for firearms."

Jon Goldberg withdraws time waiver; makes no difference in date for jury trial

A hearing was scheduled this morning for Jon Goldberg's 2016 case. Goldberg wants to withdraw his time waiver.

The motion was granted. Dates remain the same. Trial Confirmation 1/24. Jury trial 2/5/18.

Confirmed. Andrew Stunich is expected to enter a plea this morning

Just confirmed that Andrew Stunich is expected to enter a plea this morning in Courtroom 5. Reported this yesterday.

Stunich has to turn in all his firearms, one misdemeanor charge dropped. Probation for 18 months. Has to go to jail and be booked and released by 5/31.

Dec 27, 2017

Eureka Parks and Recreation does not exist anymore

In this video, City of Eureka Miles Slattery explains why

Local attorney Andrew Stunich ready to plead and resolve his case?

Andrew Stunich's trial confirmation is set for January 23. Jury trial for February 5.

I had heard he was going to enter a plea at the end of the week. Stunich has a hearing scheduled tomorrow morning.

Still no amended 995 motion filed for Chad Smith

On December 1, Chad Smith's Deputy Public Defender, Ms. Joann Carter, said she would be filing an amended 995 motion within a week.

It is now December 27. No amended motion. Smith's trial is scheduled for January 22. The People would need to respond to an amended 995, there would need to be a ruling.

Attempted murder suspect Lee Conoboy surrendered himself to authorities

Attempted murder suspect Lee Conoboy surrendered himself to authorities.
Conoboy contacted the Public Defender's office and they arranged the surrender.

HCSO assists Mendocino Sheriff in neutralizing a destructive device

On 12-18-2017 at approximately 10:15 A.M., Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to the presence of a suspicious object found in a driveway of a residence in the 4000 block of Bear Canyon Road in Willits, California.

APD officers locate mail scattered in the vicinity of 900 block of Grant Avenue

"While on patrol, Officers located mail scattered in the area of the 900 block of Grant Ave.  The mail came from the area of Grant Ave, Todd Ct, and Eye St.  Most of the mail that was found was returned to the proper mail box.  If you are missing any expected mail, please call the Arcata Police Department and refer to case number 17-4072.  Anybody with information about the mail thief is encouraged to call APD."

Dec 26, 2017

Two different views on pot infused wine, edibles and the green rush

(Rebel Coast Winery's 2017 marijuana infused sauvignon blanc)

Top ten Humboldt stories of 2017

Top ten 10 Humboldt stories of 2017

1. The Josiah Lawson case remains unsolved
2. Arcata City Council & APD reveal nothing new about the Josiah Lawson case
3. The Trinidad Lighthouse is still there, not moved

They maybe traffic "infractions" but one person's cases take six plus pages just to list them

I thought this was a joke but one name, frequently arrested, and it takes six plus pages of cases just to list the cases.

"I want to grow this business to be the premier firm in Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity Counties."

Joseph Stuart Conlin graduated from Arcata High then left to serve 15 years in the Army.

Before he joined the Humboldt County Sheriff's office as a deputy, Joe or Stu as most people who know him well call him, worked at Bettendorf Trucking.

Joe was with HCSO for 10 years. This September, Joe started a new gig as an investigator at the Humboldt County Public Defender's  office. All investigators at the PD's office "moonlight."

"After starting at the Public Defender's office, it became very apparent that there was a need for a full service private investigator business," so Joe formed Conlin Consulting and Investigations.

Failure to register as a sex offender and parole violation are the alleged charges against Justin Case Strauhal

  • First Name: JUSTIN
  • Last Name: STRAUHAL
  • Middle Name: CASE
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: White
  • Arrest Date: 2015-06-12 12:00:00
  • Age: 42

Sex offender on the run,with an outstanding warrant from Oregon, arrested by vigilant HCSO deputy

A wanted sex offender is in custody thanks to proactive efforts by a Humboldt County sheriff’s deputy.

Alleged possession of heroin, outstanding felony warrant, obstructing officer and violation of probation

A wanted felon is in custody after leading a sheriff’s deputy on a foot chase yesterday afternoon.

Kattie Yocum is going to have to wait a little longer to see if she is eligible for drug court

Kattie Yocum's sentencing was continued from December 11 to December 26. The hearing was continued again to January 9, 2018 to see if Yocum is eligible for drug court.

Dec 25, 2017

Dec 24, 2017

A lot goes in behind the scenes in Humboldt County. Why just single out unions and PACS?

THC's latest post raises some good questions. However, the timing of posting it on Christmas Eve was a cheap shot. The NCJ article was dated December 11.

While I agree with the questions THC raises in this post, there is a lot of speculation about certain claims in THC' s post.

A lot goes in behind the scenes in Humboldt County. Why just single out unions and PACS?


The real investigative question is how did Thad learn of this stipulation?

Dec 22, 2017

From ex-Marine to being charged with providing support to a terrorist organization


"Everitt Aaron Jameson, 26, of Modesto was arrested earlier in the day and charged with providing support to a terrorist organization. "

Ronald Machado, another "alleged" violation of probation, how many does that make for today?

A Garberville man is in custody after assaulting another man with a rock.

On Dec. 21, 2017 around 8:20 a.m. sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a gas station on the 800 block of Redwood Dr. in Garberville for the report of an assault. The California Highway Patrol was called to assist.

Humboldt County Superior Court has a new Judge: Kelly Neel

Ms. Kelly Neel is expected to be sworn in at the end of January.

"I’m very excited to be continuing my career in public service in this new capacity and serving the community,"  Ms. Neel told me.

Congratulations Kelly!

2013 arrested, 2014 arrested again, two cases in 2017 yet Benjamin Goldman released on OR?

With Brent Holdridge at the Bear River Casino was Benjamin Goldman, who had been booked into the jail on 12/20 and arrested by Fortuna Police Department because he had a bench warrant.

Brent Holdridge was having a good time at Bear River Casino until Deputy Tomlin discovered these items

Brent Holdridge, on probation, was taken into custody after HCSO Deputy Matt Tomlin discovered heroin, meth and cannabis, hydrocodone pills and a revolver, allegedly, in his possession.

Arrested in January, Norhum's Most Wanted Robert Ganfield back in custody

NorHum's Most Wanted is back in jail. Robert Dale Ganfield was arrested for PC148. 10 and VC2800.2(a) yesterday by HCSO.

Previous post:

Richard Leon Nelson arrested for several charges including sending sexually explicit matter to a minor

On December 21, 2017, the Fortuna Police Department received a report from a citizen advising that an adult male was communicating with a 14 year old female via social media and text messaging.

Dec 21, 2017

Schools closing due to Norovirus but what about public spaces like the Courthouse

"With Norovirus spreading, how does the County/Courts plan to handle hygiene, especially on the Second floor?

Hunboldt Superior Court CEO Kim Bartleson responded, "John the Court is working with Judicial Council to address the issue."

Rapp arrested for multiple vehicle thefts in 2016, out on probation, arrested again

On December 21, 2017 at about 9:30 a.m., a Humboldt County Probation Officer alerted the Eureka Police Department to a spray painted black Toyota Tacoma being driven by a male near West Hawthorne and Spring Streets.  

Meth charges, multiple warrants, failed to show up for sentencing, fled after a Cruz waiver & Bailey still gets plea after plea

Perry Bailey or Bailey Perry, regardless of which way his name is listed in records, (press release one way, court records another way), it is the same guy

APD Christmas party raises $600 to provide food and presents for "families in need"

(APD Facebook)

"Money was raised during the Arcata Police Association Christmas party to help out Arcata families in need.  The attendees raised over $600 to provide food and presents for Christmas.  Thank you to the staff of North Coast Family Services for facilitating this every year and connecting us with the community we serve!"

HCSO looking for attempted murder suspect Lee Allen Conoboy

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a man wanted for attempted murder in Fields Landing.