Apr 30, 2018

People can speculate all they want; instead check out CA law regarding the charges and possible penalties Marci Kitchen faces, if convicted

These are the charges Marci Kitchen was arraigned on for jury trial.

Count 1 is vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence while being intoxicated PC 191.5 (b) Jane Doe 1.

Count 1 has two special allegations: fleeing the crime scene and multiple victims.

Count 2 is the same PC 191.5(b) Jane Doe 2
Count 3 is DUI; Alcohol while causing injury with two special allegations: great bodily injury resulting in brain injury and paralysis and multiple victims.

Count 4 is Hit and Run with Injury/Death.

Three years of attempted resolutions, jury trial rescheduled, former Miss Hoopa's case has yet to go to jury trial

The pre trial hearing for former Miss Hoopa Kayla Brown's jury trial was scheduled on April 30. This morning was the fifth time this hearing has been rescheduled. With the next court date of May 23, it is now the sixth hearing for attorneys to work out witness and expert availavbility.

Not Humboldt,not Mendocino, not Trinity but Santa Barbara County has issued the most permits to grow legal cannabis in California

Santa Barbara County has issued the most permits to legally grow cannabis in California.

"You are pretty much hitchhiking with strangers. How many people is it going to take to get assaulted before something is done?"

(Image: Crime Watch Daily)

(Image: Londontaxitrade)

Fourteen women sent a letter to the Uber’s board of directors Thursday requesting to be released from the arbitration provision in their consumer agreement to allow them to pursue a class-action lawsuit alleging Uber’s inadequate driver screening procedures led to the sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment and gender-motivated violence they experienced at the hands of their drivers.

Hikshari trail suspect accepts plea against advice of her own attorney

Jury trial for Hikshari trail assault suspect was scheduled for April 30. Instead, on April 27 at trial assignment, she entered a conditional plea. Mr. David Celli, her attorney, told me Willey accepted the plea against his advice.

Surveilance video helps law enforcement arrest Alfredo Vega in what may be a gang related crime

On April 28, 2018, at about 5:10 p.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the intersection of Wabash Avenue and B Street for the report of an unknown male firing a handgun from a silver Ford Focus.

Everett Spillard's sentencing continued as defense requests new trial

Everett Spillard's sentencing was scheduled for April 30.

Spillard was found guilty on Counts, 10, 11 and 12. All three counts were oral copulation/sexual penetration with a minor.
Hung jury for rest of the 14 charges in the molestation case.

Judge Kaleb Cockrum assigned to Kitchen trial, motion to continue granted but a trial date will be set next week

Yet another motion to continue Marci Kitchen's trial was filed last week by the defense in Marci Kitchen's case.

"Survival is all we are capable of at this point. As a family we are in desperate need of closure so that we can begin to heal."

Faith Tsarnas' mother Stephanie and stepfather Mark Baldwin wrote a letter to the Humboldt County Superior Judge that would hear the motion to continue in the Marci Kitchen case. They do not live locally and have traveled to Humboldt for certain hearings. They were also here for the entire preliminary hearing.

Apr 29, 2018

State of emergency and forced drug treatment or mobile showers? Two different suggestions to tackle CA growing homeless crisis

"Spitzer blames the problem on two issues: legislation signed by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown over the past several years that has eroded the penalties for drug use, possession and petty crimes to where police often don’t bother making arrests; and the change in a law so that treatment is no longer forced for drug abuse or mental health issues.:

Three U.S. marines arrested for alleged rape, fourth suspect sought by police


Apr 28, 2018

These stories may not be local but show the goodness of humanity

126 pounds of meth along with heroin and Oxycodone found in a truck with CA license plates hauling Starbucks products

(Centralia Police Department)

Officers  seized 126 pounds of methamphetamine from a semi that was hauling Starbucks products between California and Washington. The meth was hidden in a TV box.

The Centralia Police Department also found  2.4 pounds of suspected heroin, several thousand Oxycodone pills and a few grams of cocaine.

Santa Cruz man released from jail, arrested again, for attempted sexual assault and attacking a police officer

"Sarah Shinsky was walking home from work near the Town Clock about 7 p.m. Wednesday, when a stranger grabbed her from behind.

Rain did not dampen the Rhody spirit

Hit and run suspect Benjamin Shermis posted bail last night

Benjamin Shermis' bail was set at $25,000. He posted bail last night and is out of custody.

Apr 27, 2018

Someone riding a lawnmower in the lanes by the Indianola cutoff in 101

CHP page says traffic hazard.

Tip from reader:

"Someone riding a lawnmower in the lanes by the Indianola cutoff in 101,northbound."

Benjamin Shermis 33 of Arcata same Benjamin Shermis of Complete Floors?

Benjamin Shermis owns Complete Floors in Arcata.


Benjamin Shermis of Arcata turns himself in to CHP for hit and run in Mckinleyville

(Request has been made for booking photo)

On 4/27/18, at about 1830 hours, 33 year old Benjamin Shermis of Arcata came to the Humboldt CHP Office in Arcata with his attorney.

Mr. Shermis admitted he was the driver in the fatal hit and run collision last night on US-101 northbound at SR-200, in which a male pedestrian was killed.

Sheriff Billy Honsal and Deputy Sheriff Chanler Bronson get interrogated on public safety

Fifth graders at Washington Elementary got to ask Sheriff Billy Honsal and Deputy Sheriff Chanler Bronson questions on "Meet Your Deputy Sheriff Day."

Golden State killer is on suicide watch

(NBC photo)

No plea entered by Golden State killer. Joseph DeAngelo is on suicide watch and his housed in the psychiatric ward.  He was arraigned on two counts of murder.

Caleb Dain Silver found guilty of first degree murder

A Mendocino County Superior Court jury returned from its deliberations by mid-afternoon today to announce a guilty verdict and true findings on special allegations in a 2015 murder case.

More last minute filings in Marci Kitchen's case

Guess we will also find out on Monday what the defense requested funding for in the Marci Kitchen case.

Could it be another expert? Another report? More investigation? Of course, all this would require a continuance.

What does pending litigation against the County have to do with the Cory Fisher case?

I just wanted to know about the in camera review of documents in the Cory Fisher case and the modification of the gag order. So, I requested to view the file and all public documents in the file.

City of Arcata's top choice for APD Chief is not from the Arcata Police Department

Arcata City Manager Karen Diemer announced today that the City’s search for an Interim Arcata Police Chief is still underway. The Interim Police Chief will replace Tom Chapman, who resigned on Tuesday, April 10.

Already found not competent to stand trial once, went to Napa state, returned, now declared not competent, again

Dylan Wilson's case would have resolved at the last hearing. In the middle of completing his plea form, there was an outburst in court from a man, "Dylan, don't do it!"

Local business owner sums up how many feel about living and doing business in Old Town

Heidi Messner for Mayor kickoff next Tuesday in Old Town

As previously reported on this blog, Councilmember Heidi Wilson Messner is officially kicking off her campaign for Mayor on Tuesday at 12:15 in Old Town at the Gazebo.

CHP seeking information on hit and run in Mckinleyville

Update: On April 26, 2018, just before 9PM, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) responded to northbound US-101 at State Route 200 for a report of a pedestrian laying in the center divider.  

Apr 26, 2018

San Louis Obispo Superior Court Judge consders fining state hospital for backlog

Fed up with the amount of time County Jail inmates declared not competent to stand trial have been waiting for treatment at a state hospital, a San Luis Obispo Superior Court judge is considering fining the state over the backlog.

Anyone surprised? Another request by the defense to continue the Marci Kitchen trial

As expected, another request filed by the defense to continue the Marci Kitchen trial.

The hearing on the motion to continue is scheduled for Monday, April 30 at 8:30 a.m. in Courtroom 2.

Trial confirmation is currently scheduled for May 7. Jury trial is scheduled for May 29.

Salmon Creek death of pedestrian being investigated as homicide

The person found deceased on US 101 near Salmon Creek has been positively identified as Salvatore Riccobono IV, age 29, from Concord, California. Riccobono was in possession of a 1998 Gold Infinity SUV with California plate 4ASX760 which is unaccounted for. Riccobono was also know to carry a 9mm pistol which is also unaccounted for. If someone sees the vehicle they should not approach it and contact law enforcement as soon as possible.

"In short , I don't just "like Eureka", it is my home and I LOVE Eureka."

Of course the first question most people ask me is why am I running for Eureka City Council (Ward 3) ?

I have lived in Eureka for over 40 years, I raised my kids in public schools here and I will retire here one day.

Now we take pleas when arraignment is scheduled; it is the same exact offer and could have been resolved before today

It is the same offer for Charlie Kangas. Who cares about court staff, court time and resources?

After six continuances, more taxpayer dollars to evaluate Ewa Misztal

Ewa Misztal will now be evaluated by both Dr. Soper and Dr. Chamberlain. This time, according to PC 1026.

RCRC Chair and First District Supervisor Rex Bohn honored to host three day RCRC meeting

"RCRC 35 Rural Counties meeting in Ferndale 3 day meeting, tours and free time to enjoy Humboldt. As Chair this year of RCRC I was honored to host. We filled the accommodations in Ferndale. Thanks to all who helped to facilitate. With Supervisors, staff and spouses over 60 people from outside Humboldt."

Verdict of guilty for Bill Cosby on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault

The jury returned a guilty verdict on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault in the Bill Cosby case. Cosby remains free on bail until sentencing.

Cosby could get the maximum sentence of 10 years for each count and a fine of up to $25,000 on each count.

If you are speeding near Zane Middle School, he is watching you!

Cop for a Day running radar for speeders in front of Zane Middle School this morning. Please SLOW down! -EPD Chief Steve Watson

Apr 25, 2018

Offer to resolve does not work out, Charlie Kangas to be arraigned for jury trial

Charlie Kangas will be arraigned on information tomorrow morning.

These are the same charges as the original complaint. Kangas waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

EPD asks for public's help identifying suspects and locating video in assault on 1700 block of K street

On April 24, 2018 at approximately 1:23 p.m., officers of the Eureka Police Department responded to the 1700 block of K Street for a report of an assault that had just occurred.

Former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo's arrest finally closes Golden State killer case

"He's been called the East [Area] Rapist. He's been called the Visalia Ransacker, the Original Nightstalker and the Golden State Killer. Today, it's our pleasure to call him defendant."

One million dollars bail for Andrew Jarrod Cunningham

Update: He posted bail and was released half an hour after this post. No complaint filed as of 12:40 p.m. on April 26.

Local realtor Randall Cook gets his felony reduced to a misdemeanor and criminal record is expunged

Local realtor Randall Miles Cook's felony was reduced to a misdemeanor. This is allowed under Penal Code 17 (b).

Both cases for attempted murder suspect Michael Grant scheduled for July 30

Defense waiting on report from out of town expert so for now Maxx Robison's jury trial is confirmed

Trial confirmation for murder suspect Maxx Robison was continued for a week as defense is waiting for a report  from an expert. Further trial confirmation is scheduled for May 2. Jury trial is scheduled for May 14.

EPD' s E watch arrests three in response to business owner's concerns on Broadway

"Last night, in response to concerns expressed by a business owner regarding ongoing trespassing and vandalism incidents on his property occurring overnight, the Eureka Police Department's "E" Watch Patrol team conducted directed patrols along the 1400 block of Broadway throughout the night. 

Apr 24, 2018

Manhunt underway for suspect who shot two Dallas police officers

"I know the family of Father Eric Freed will appreciate the completion of the justice process in this case."

(Fr. Eric Freed)

Remittitur issued in Gary Lee Bullock appeal

Only so many courtrooms, only so many attorneys, throw in no time waived cases and what do you have?

A continuance.

Preliminary hearing for James Pawlyk was scheduled April 23. It was continued to April 24, at the request of the DA's office. Continued to May 10.

Pawlyk is the cowboy hat wearing suspect who thought he was a Shasta County Judge and a FBI agent. He has been to Napa State and came back a bit more somber.

Romantic, Southern lesbian wedding in Alabama makes headlines nationally

Murder suspect Antone Aubrey found not competent to stand trial by Dr. Wilson

Criminal proceedings were suspended in Antone Aubrey's case in April. Dr. Wilson was appointed to evaluate Aubrey.

Aubrey was found not competent to stand trial. A CONREP report is due on May 15.

Andrew Jarrod Cunningham arrested for alleged molestation and sexual abuse of several victims

On April 24th at about 8:00 am, after a month long investigation, the Sheriff’s office served an arrest warrant in the 3400 Block of 18th Street, Eureka, regarding 288(a) PC child molestation and 288.5 PC continuous sexual abuse of a minor. Arrested at the scene was 38 year old Andrew Jarrod Cunningham.

During the course of the investigation several victims have been identified, and the abuse is alleged to have occurred over a ten year period.