Jan 16, 2018

HCSO and medical responding to head on traffic collision on Myrtle Avenue

Deputies and medical responded earlier today to Myrtle Ave. & Hall Ave. for the report of a head on traffic collision.

HCSO assisted CHP . Reached out to CHP PIO Paul Craft for more information/update regarding occupant's condition and cause of collision.

Louise Turpin Riverside County's Kimberly Felder?

Louise Turpin, arrested with her husband Doug yesterday for alleged torture and child endangerment,  was "perplexed why law enforcement" was at her house.

"When the deputy approached the vehicle, he observed both occupants sleeping in the cab of the truck with the muzzle of a rifle lying on the center console "

UTV theft results in arrest of two for firearms, ammunition, weed and cash

Looking at 35 to life, even Shawn Hof knew the plea was a better choice

Reported on the plea back in December. Without a victim impact statement, sentencing is routine and nothing new to cover today.

Mendocino Family of Companies presented $7,000 dollars to Maria Carrillo Track and Field Team

Humboldt Redwood Allweather Wood:
"Mendocino Family of Companies presented $7,000 dollars to Maria Carrillo Track and Field Team from the Redwood Valley and Santa Rosa Community Recovery Fund. "

With his criminal history, multiple convictions of serious and violent charges, why was Matthew Caston let out on the streets?

Matthew Gary Caston has been charged with stalking, false imprisonment, criminal threats and great bodily injury.  Listed below are just his criminal cases. Of the victims listed there were multiple women. Only one criminal case in 2014 for alleged assault was dismissed.

Domestic dispute call results in arrest for possession of metal knuckles, drug paraphernalia and Alprazolam

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Mill Creek Rd. in Hoopa on Jan. 13, 2018 around 12:04 a.m. to assist Hoopa Valley Tribal Police with a domestic dispute.

From APD to HCSO Court Services Division, welcome Deputy Ron Sligh

The Sheriff’s Office’s new court services deputy sheriff is a familiar face in Humboldt County. Today Sheriff William Honsal swore in Deputy Sheriff Ron Sligh.

Jan 15, 2018

City of Fortuna thanks Measure E for funding two detective positions

Fortuna Police Officers Ryan Richardson and Brian Taylor transferred to Detective positions. 

Nine million dollar bail each for alleged torture and child endangerment for California couple

(Riverside County Sheriff's Department)

"Sheriffs in Perris, California are investigating a disturbing case where two people stand accused of shackling their children to their beds."

"57-year-old David Allen Turpin and 49-year-old Louise Anna Turpin were arrested after one of their children called the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and alerted authorities of the situation"

"The State of Mckinleyville" featured panelists include Supervisor Sundberg, DA Fleming and Sheriff Honsal

Emboldened thieves will continue to extort the law with no consequences, resulting in increased costs for day-to-day essentials for working-class families.”

The most effective change will be to send a clear message in the upcoming elections to Sacramento and every California elected official who works against public safety of law abiding citizens. Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2018 is just one such initiative.

After 21 years, The Linen Closet is closing and going out of business

Here is a link to a video from their Facebook page

Eureka's Women March will take place at C Market Square this Saturday

Jan 14, 2018

Take Back Eureka's Michelle Costantine to throw in her hat for Ward 3? Nope

(Michelle volunteering for Salvation Army last Christmas)

A few people contacted me to say they heard Take Back Eureka's Michelle Costantine has decided to run for Eureka City Council's Third Ward. That information is incorrect.

Jan 13, 2018

Family dog alerts owners to fire; Fairfield home had no working smoke detectors

Why not have a City of Eureka SWAP instead of jail time or no consequence?

Here is one idea that the City of Eureka could implement, maybe partner with the County, to reduce jail overcrowding and improve how Eureka looks.

Anonymous venting changes nothing. Businesses and politicians don't listen to anonymous; they listen to voters


While I share this poster's concerns, he or she needs to realize that 1. Anonymous venting achieves nothing.

 2. Educate himself/herself that Eureka Police Department is trying but the real problem is private property owners who do not complain to EPD about trespassers or loiterers or take responsibility for their properties and City Hall.

SLO Brew canning potable drinking water to help those affected by Montecito mudslides

SLO Brew, a brewery in San Luis Obispo is canning potable drinking water to send to those affected by the Montecito mudslides.


Jan 12, 2018

Large EPD presence at the Laguna Inn in Eureka

(Reader submitted photo)
Large EPD presence at the Laguna Inn in Eureka, formerly Econo Lodge. At least four EPD cars. They are parked on the 5th Street side outside a corner room.

Sgt. Edward Wilson said that a probation search is being conducted at the room.

"This action comes after repeated notifications to the owners and Jeff Smith, the court appointed receiver, of their obligation to address the extremely hazardous electrical and other violations at the property. "

Today, City staff posted property owned by Floyd Squires located at 833 H Street in Eureka with a notice that the property is to be vacated and boarded against entry on January 22, 2018 pursuant to a warrant issued by the Superior Court.

Meth, marijuana cash at 4th street motel in Eureka

Preliminary for Orick murder suspect Ronald Loureiro vacated for February 17

Intervention scheduled yesterday for Orick murder suspect Ronald Loureiro was continued to February 21. Preliminary hearing rescheduled to February 27.
Preliminary scheduled for January 17 was vacated.

Jail changes policy on inmate mail to increase security & deter contraband

The Humboldt County Correctional Facility is changing its policy on inmate mail in an effort to increase safety and security by deterring the introduction of contraband in the facility.

EPD Officer Mark Meftah as Officer of the Month is a great choice; he even answers questions if you mysteriously follow him for blocks

Officer Meftah is a great choice. He is very helpful. He will even answer your questions if you follow his car mysteriously for blocks while he is on patrol. Another reporter and I were both out one afternoon near Del Norte E street following a scanner tip given to us.

Jan 11, 2018

Liberal media where is the wage increase or bonus for employees?

Sinclair Broadcasting gave 1k bonuses to 9,000 employees. Didn't see NBC, ABC, CBS or any other media company on this list.

"In general, bullying behavior doesn't get you where governments need to talk."

"Moving of the Lighthouse is symbolic in Trinidad of a new chapter," said Trinidad Mayor Susan Rotwein. "That chapter is moving forward with the tribal governments in a good and positive way."

So, no lawsuit or outrage from EPIC when it comes to certain businesses. Is it because cannabis is involved?

"Regulating the cannabis industry is our best way to prevent these sorts of impacts," Wheeler said. "Most of the exposure to wildlife is presumed to be from cannabis production. A well-regulated cannabis industry would solve a lot of these issues."

Who will the Humboldt Planning Commission favor? Mercer Fraser or the citizens?

"Tonight the Humboldt County Planning Commission will consider a zoning change that would allow Eureka construction company Mercer-Fraser to build and operate a 5,000-square-foot commercial cannabis manufacturing facility between Arcata and Blue Lake, on a 13.5-acre parcel that hugs the north bank of the Mad River."

The case cannot get done, if it does not get started."

Trial setting for Sohum upskirting suspect David Nunez was scheduled for January 10.

Nunez has still to appear in court. Both his previous attorney, and maybe/future attorney don't understand the basic concept of taking Judges seriously.

EPD Chief Watson wants you to welcome Officer Marsolan and Cadet Cassidy

EPD Chief Steve Watson introduces two new members of the EPD team:

Kattie Yocum gets sentenced to two years in prison

(from January 9 court calendar)

A month from her original sentencing date Kattie Yocum was sentenced to two years in prison for "unlawful causing of a fire" of the Blue Heron.

The sentencing was continued for the third time from 1/9 to 1/11.

Despite being told a week ago to file for disqualification if he wished, Russ Clanton waited until this morning to disqualify Judge LaCasse for Carpathian's prelim

Last week, Judge LaCasse specifically stated that if either attorney wanted to disqualify him, they should do so as soon as possible, since this case needs to be heard by a Visiting Judge.

In any other case, disqualifying one Judge is not a big deal.

Deputy Charlie Lamb is back and his first day on Monday started off with a little excitment

HCSO Deputy Charlie Lamb's first day back to work was Monday. And it started off with him having to explain to a woman why her knuckles, despite being a gift,could not be allowed inside the Courthouse.

Jan 10, 2018

EPD responds to call about victim with gunshot wound on 5th street

EPD, Humboldt Bay Fire, City Ambulance respond to 232 5th Street at the Best Western Plus Humboldt Bay Inn. Alleged victim with gunshot wound. Man has been taken to the hospital.

Lee Conoboy held to answer on all charges

The alleged victim and HCSO Deputy M. Walker testified today at the preliminary hearing for Lee Conoboy.

Conoboy was held to answer on all charges, including attempted murder and assult with a deadly weapon other than A firearm except Judge Dale Reinholtsen said that the People did not provide evidence of premeditation or deliberation.

Seng Yang charged with ten felony counts; alleged victim Jane Doe

Seng Yang charged with 10 felony counts. Charges listed in detail below: rape of a child including forcible oral copulation, sexual intercourse, sodomy, distribution of child pornography and knowingly employing or coercing a minor to participate in the production of child porn.

Alleged victim Jane Doe. Bail set at 3.5 million.  That amount is subject to review.

Law enforcement outside Bear River casino getting ready to detain father and son ; Michigan Marshall contacted

Scanner tip:  "Large law enforcement at Bear River Casino  Father and son suspects.  Law enforcement setting up to get them when they leave the casino.  Don't want to take them inside beause they are not sure if they have weapons or not. Marshall in Michigan being contacted for clearance."

My guess about new alleged victims in former correctional deputy Cory Fisher 's case confirmed in court today

A hearing on the amended complaint filed by the District Attorney in former Correctional Deputy Cory Fisher's case was scheduled this morning. The Public Defender's office declared a conflict. Conflict Counsel was appointed.

Angela Lockwood arrested for outstanding warrant & multiple drug charges after she flees from law enforcement, car chase captured on video

On January 9th, 2018, Agents with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force were patrolling the Eureka area looking for 28 year old Angela Lockwood.  Agents knew Lockwood had an outstanding felony arrest warrant stemming from a previous narcotics investigation.

Setting for former Miss Hoopa continued to confirm witness availability

Setting for former Miss Hoopa, Kayla Brown, on this morning continued to January 31 to make sure all witnesses for District Attorney are available.

Jury trial for alleged child molestor Chad Smith confirmed; time estimate a month

Trial confirmation was scheduled this morning for alleged child molestor Chad Smith. Jury trial scheduled for January 22 confirmed. Time estimate, including jury selection is one month. Trial assignment is January 19 at 9:15.

Last seen in Ukiah, if you see Andrew Martinez in Humboldt, call law enforcement

Andrew Martinez is WANTED for

$165,000 BAIL

Jan 9, 2018

Police said the scene "looked like a World War One battlefield"

(Twitter/Eliason Mike)
At least 13 people are dead amid "waist-deep" mudslides in Southern California, where heavy rains triggered flooding, say officials.
Some 163 people have been taken to hospital. Twenty had "storm-related injuries" and four were critically hurt.

Change of plea scheduled for Brett Visser and Anne Clarke; possible resolution before preliminary hearing

A change of plea is scheduled for January 17. If the proposed resolution does not pan out; a date will be set for the preliminary hearing.

Intervention was scheduled for Brett Visser and Anne Clarke today. The preliminary hearing, currently scheduled, was vacated

Jesus Garcia died in 2014; arrests for his homicide made in 2016; case has yet to go to trial

Former correctional deputy Cory Fisher not in court for intervention; nothing of substance discussed on record

Intervention was scheduled today for former correctional deputy Cory Fisher.

As expected, nothing much was said on the record. Visiting Judge Ann Moorman  mentioned the hearing tomorrow and that an amended complaint had been filed by the District Attorney. The preliminary will be discussed tomorrow when Fisher will be present.

Body scanner thwarts attempt by Jamie Marie Remington to smuggle Xanax into the jail

Michael Grant aka Tank's two cases get "rescheduled"; in Humboldt court speak that is "no resolution/plea" yet

In Humboldt court speak, "rescheduling" means the defense is trying to negotiate a resolution or "wear down" the DA for a plea. That isn't always stated in the record, we just go through nth continuances and interventions.

Chad Smith's Mardsen motion denied, no surprise there. What's Chado's next BS move to delay ?

For now, Deputy Public Defender Joann Carter will continue to represent alleged sexual molestor Chad Smith. Since the motion was denied without prejudice, I am sure Chado is already thinking of his next BS move to delay his jury trial.

Joshua David Grow's preliminary hearing continued at the request of the People

Joshua David Grow's preliminary was scheduled for January 9. Today, the hearing was continued at the request of the Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads.

Jan 8, 2018