Oct 31, 2017

"Getting arrested for DUI can be scary anytime, but especially on Halloween as this citizen found out."

Legalization of pot will not be the panacea claimed; really?

From today's Daily Mail article:
"California's black markets are expected to dominate post-legalization production'"

Skyview Humboldt footage of Take Back Eureka in action on Oct 29 at the Adorni

Photos and video courtesy TBE.


California Dreamin? or California Goodbye?

29 year old Sayfullo Saipov of Tampa identified as suspect in Lower Manhattan terror attack

(Image: Metro US)

(Josh Caplan: Twitter)

Medication order signed, off to the JBCT program Reed Tardy goes

A medication recommendation hearing and review of transport for Reed Tardy was scheduled for this morning.  Criminal proceedings have been suspended in his case.

PPM and Real Property Management ribbon cutting on November 9

PPM and Real Property Management are having a ribbon cutting for their new downtown office on November 9 at 9:30. The building is 710 E. Street, 205

Two fire engines and a fire department van at Fourth and R

Daniel Cox identified as the sole occupant of collision on 299

On 10-30, 2017 at approximately 2054 hours, Humboldt CHP Dispatch received a report of an accident with an injury on SR-299 at MPM 10.00. 

PG & E gate crasher Zacevich now deemed competent to stand trial; jury trial set for December 8

At the last court hearing, defense requested Dr. Ramirez re-evaluate PG & E gate crasher Katherine Zacevich.The second opinion by Dr. Ramirez deemed Zacevich "competent to stand trial."

Zwerdling law firm moves to the historic Murray house in December

The Zwerdling law firm is moving to a new location in December.

"John - we are moving to the historic Murray House at 937 6th St," said Mr. Zachary Zwerdling. It was built in 1907 and is an architectural gem. We will share the building with attorney James Poovey.

"We are creating problems by granting these continuances"

After hearing compelling arguments from both attorneys, Judge Dale Reinholtsen did grant the defense motion to continue.

Oct 30, 2017

Except for Toiletdome dwellers , others will find these HSU videos funny and accurate

With the unsolved murder of David Lawson, students going on tv passing out toilet paper because HSU thought it was too expensive to supply, HSU axing the nursing program and the future of football up in the air; this HSU student/alum is doing future HSU students a favor.

Sotolongo seems to think showing up in court is optional; refuses to come to court again

Gearold Sotolongo refused to come to court on October 26.  Hearing continued to October 30. He refused to come to court, again today. Continued to tomorrow morning at 8:30.

Local jeweler James Darin Joaillier creates a one of kind diamond creation for the 60th anniversary of Redwood Memorial

Three morons drink in a parking lot, allegedly get into a fight; one allegedly stabs two; after arrest damages city property

On 10-28-2017 at about 8:44 pm, Officers of the Eureka Police Department were dispatched to a parking lot at the 1000 block of Waterfront Drive in Eureka for an in-progress felony assault.

Read the court documents for Manafort, Gates and the Papadopoulos plea for yourself

U.S. v. Paul J. Manafort, Jr., and Richard W. Gates III (1:17-cr-201, District of Columbia)
Paul J. Manafort, Jr., of Alexandria, Va., and Richard W. Gates III, of Richmond, Va., have been indicted by a federal grand jury on Oct. 27, 2017, in the District of Columbia.

Oct 29, 2017

"In the past 14 years California has suffered seven of the eight most destructive fires in state history."

Despite progress on fires being contained, experts caution recovery will be a slow process.

THC's version of Humboldt County's responses to Amazon brings back memories of Humboldt Mirror

Humboldt Answer 2: Uhhh….can you define incentive for us? One time, we had an economic development person and they made a bunch of videos of the beach. Like that?

Humboldt Answer 9: We’ve got a lot of pot. And you can rename the County whatever you want, like Amazonia or something. Hell Jeff Bezos can have all 5 supervisors positions for life.

Horacio Miranda is "unfamiliar with the criminal justice system"; his record says otherwise

Horacio Miranda must have forgotten his record in the Humboldt County Superior Court system.

Horacio Miranda, while withdrawing your plea, lying to your current attorney about not being in court is not a good idea

Oct 28, 2017

"The show is also critical of oversensitive, egotistical liberal Americans, ones who might display an exterior of compassion and inclusivity but are part of the problem that’s dividing the country further into political cults."

But  Cult isn’t just a parody of the racist and xenophobic contingent of Americans who have felt emboldened by Trump’s victory. The show is also critical of oversensitive, egotistical liberal Americans, ones who might display an exterior of compassion and inclusivity but are part of the problem that’s dividing the country further into political cults.

Attempted murder & battery suspect Elisha Wilson's arrest made the headlines; I followed her case from arraignment to guilty plea

When the initial arrest was made, the rest of the media was all over it. Like many court cases, there is no follow up after the initial headline.

With two arraignments at the same time, the resolution of such cases and why it resolved is important to the victims and to the public.

Sotolongo was in custody for homicide for a case filed in March 2016; why did he get a dismissal for an assault case filed later?

The above photo is of the 2016 homicide case, victim Roger Yale. A hearing for that case was held on October 26 and Gearold Sotolongo refused to come to court. This homicide case, according to court records, was filed on 3/11/16.

Oct 27, 2017

Would Kyle Zoellner's court history have made a difference during the preliminary for the murder of David Josiah Lawson?

The most recent case for Kyle Zoellner was from 2017 in which he was charged with the murder of David Josiah Lawson. That case was dismissed due to lack of evidence, after the preliminary. The investigation is not over. There is a 2013 case which resulted in no charges being filed againt Zoellner but the alleged crime listed was a felony PC 245 (a) (1), assault with a deadly weapon.

The rest of the cases include charges ranging from possession of marijuana, posession of meth to exceeding the speed limit.

"Officer Nielsen said that Zoellner declined medical attention. "He appeared dazed; seemed out of it."

(Recent photo of Kyle Zoellner)

If the Arcata City Council rejects Kyle Zoellner's claim, and if he decides to file a lawsuit, hopefully he will hire a lawyer, one who has experience with such lawsuits.

Whether someone helped him with this claim or he wrote it himself, just throwing in bunch of legal lingo doesn't mean you have a case.

"The AT&T wireless network is operating normally and all central offices remain operational in impacted communities."

AT & T spokesperson Steven Ramirez sent me the follow up update:

The AT&T wireless network is operating normally and all central offices remain operational in impacted communities. "

"We cannot comment due to the potential threat of litigation as is standard protocol for the City."

Did the Harbor District forget there is an important Fisheries meeting today?

Three suspects booked for alleged kidnapping and stealing marijuana

On October 27th at 1:24 AM, Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies were summoned to a residence in the 23600 block of Primrose Drive (Brooktrails) Willits, for a  report of an armed robbery. 

Oct 26, 2017

Mayor Frank Jager given the Distinguished Citizen's Award by the Boy Scouts

City of Eureka Mayor Frank Jager is being honored at the Elks Lodge right now.  The Boy Scouts chose Mayor Jager for this year's Distinguished Citizen's Award. Mayor Jager has been a volunteer for the BSA and a leader of Troop 54 since 1969.

Don't blame the garbage, the cigarette butts, the filth around town on the homeless

Blame it on those responsible for it.


211 Humboldt "Dare to Prepare" will teach you how to respond "before, during and after a disaster

211 Director Jeanette Hurst

From Ms. Hurst:
"We are putting on an event for our community on Nov. 4th called Dare to Prepare.This event was set up so that our community members have important information they need to be ready for our own disaster."

Sotolongo refuses to come to court, Deputy Public Defender Kelly Neel falls on the sword for her client, buying time to speak to him

Gearold Sotolongoa aka Roldo Pratt refused to come to court today, twice, which resulted in the trial confirmation, motion to compel discovery and motion to continue the jury trial to be rescheduled, again.

He refused to come court because he did not think it was "important" twice this morning.

Even Deputy Public Defender Casey Russo smiled at the prosecutor's comment regarding the third continuance on status of 2nd doctor's report

Status of doctor' report for Ewa Misztal was continued for the third time today. The next court date is November 8. At least, since the last court hearing, Dr. Chamberlain finally met with Misztal last week.

Trial setting for Michael Grant is scheduled for January 8

Setting for Michael Grant's jury trial  is scheduled for January 8.

Judge Reinholtsen grants continuance in James Merrick case stating that forcing a trial when defense counsel needs time to prepare is not legally prudent

Judge Dale Reinholtsen said that forcing a trial when defense counsel needs more time to prepare is not legally prudent and that despite the objection by the People, he was granting the defense to continue in James Merrick's case.

Eddie Morgan endorsed Supervisor Virginia Bass but his name was mentioned as the mysterious challenger in my previous post

Eddie A. Morgan, whose facebook profile says that he worked at the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. Morgan has served as a Humboldt County Civil juror and is a Veteran.

Destry Girard arrested for violation of parole; anyone shocked that yet another parole failure in Humboldt County?

Destry Girard arrested yesterday for being drunk in public and violation of parole. You can read about Girard's previous conviction below.

Oct 25, 2017

Trevor Jackson pleads guilty to burglary, kidnapping, stealing marijuana, vehicle theft and other charges; gets 25 years in prison

The recent focus of an intensive manhunt -- a county-wide marijuana thief -- threw in the towel this afternoon and accepted the District Attorney's "take it or leave it" settlement offer in order to avoid the threat of greater punishment down the road. The DA's time-sensitive offer would have expired at the close of business today.

Discussions continue between the People and defense in David Kobak case

David Kobak had intervention scheduled this afternoon. By request from both Deputy DA Whitney Barnes and Deputy Public Defender Casey Russo, intervention was continued to November 2 for further discussions.

Cowboy hat wearing suspect James Pawlyk still awaiting his ride to NAPA

Another hearing for confirmation of transport to NAPA for James Martin Pawlyk was scheduled  for 10:15 today.

Citing ongoing discovery and investigation into Bailey's "alleged strike prior", defense requested and granted motion to continue

Lorence Bailey and Jonah Little have jury trial scheduled for October 30. That jury trial was rescheduled and set for November 13.

Despite objections by the People and the victims, the defense motion to continue Marci Kitchen's trial was granted

Marci Kitchen had a trial confirmation hearing scheduled this morning. A motion to continue the jury trial was filed by the defense. After hearing oral arguments from both attorneys, Retired Judge Bruce Watson granted the defense motion.

Warrant out for Eric Brooks, see him, call the Mendocino Sheriff's office

Eric Brook is WANTED
*PC 484(A)/488/490.2 PETTY THEFT <$950

"Due to a fiber cut, a limited number of customers in the Arcata and Garberville areas maybe experiencing issues with their wireless and wireline services."

Service was restored last night for AT & T customers in the Arcata and Garberville areas after a fiber cut yesterday evening.

Oct 24, 2017

150 people show up to cheer Supervisor Virginia Bass for re-election

(Photo submitted by reader)

Reed Tardy : "I will be back"

Reed Tardy did not channel Arnold Schwarzenegger in court today but it makes for a more catchy summation of his court case today than legal jargon.

“I think we can all agree that Humboldt is facing real challenges that need long-term solutions."

I already previously reported, twice, on this blog, that Dani Burkhart would be running for Fourth District Supervisor.

Here is the official press release from Dani Burkhart. Ms. Burkhart is the only candidate to officially announce that she is running against the incumbent, Fourth District Supervisor Virginia Bass.

January 8 preliminary set for Dylan Wilson charged with assaulting a 12 year old on her way to school

Setting for Dylan Wilson, the man who allegedly assaulted a 12 year old on her way to school in Arcata was scheduled for this morning. Preliminary is set for January 8.

CHP identifies Steven Patrick as the officer involved in Lake County OIS

The CHP officer who was involved in a shooting has been identified as Officer Steven Patrick, from the Clear Lake Area CHP office.

Anthony Domenico jury trial confirmed for November 6, expected to last a week

Anthony Domenico had trial confirmation scheduled this morning. Jury trial was confirmed for November 6. Estimate is a week.