Dec 19, 2017

"I think Rex hit the nail on the head", "The community is tired of cleaning up"

Several community members spoke in support of Supervisor Rex Bohn's letter. Others in support of Supervisor Virginia Bass' letter.

End result: Humboldt will not be a  "safe injection" site.
The critics of Supervisor Bohn's version of letter, as usual, were those that one way or the other are involved in enabling those that take no responsibility and chose to use substances.

HSU and "healing centers" are clueless about what most people who work face daily. The community is fed up of consequences from irresponsible addicts.

As usual, Sarah Torres, who has all the time to attend meetings, took her time to read a letter, which was all over the place, talking about New York and dissing Take Back Eureka and other citizens. The only hate group Sarah is you, Verbena and your hate mongering activists who do nothing positive, hijack public meetings, and attack anyone with a different opinion than you.

HACHR Brandie Wilson complained as usual about being a victim. "We have actively tried to create a safe space for conversations".

How is that Brandie by banning people from commenting on your page and letting certain media do PR for your cause?

Knowing how the community feels, even HACHR said they would support this letter being sent.

"The state needs to step up. This (bill) is not well written,", said Supervisor Estelle Fennell. Supervisor Fennell said the state needs to provide funding.

"I was also disappointed to see Humboldt was on the list," said Supervisor Ryan Sundberg. "Every one has family members who are homeless or addicted. I struggle with the line-- where we are helping or where we are enabling. I still don't know."

Michelle Costantine and Aaron Dean of Take Back Eureka, spoke eloquently.

"Most constituents were not aware of the bill or how Humboldt County opted (to be a site)," said Ms. Costantine. "While I agree Harm Reduction may work in other countries or other states, I don't believe it will work the way it is set up in Humboldt County. "

Ms. Costantine spoke about the need for medical professionals, mental health services and sober living facilities and "long term rehab" to make this program work in Eureka.

"We are anti-crime, anti illegal drugs," said Mr. Dean. "We are not ready for this program. We are not a hate group. We are not anti harm reduction."

 "There is not a lot of dialogue because we have a lot of headstrong people in groups who want their way."


  1. STOP HANDING OUR NEEDLES TO THE DRUGGIES! This clean needle attitude is insane. Just say no to the socialist health department and DENY any new needle program. Dirty needles for a druggie-go for it and reuse and reuse. Eventually you'll die and problem goes away. This needs to be HARD love and no other whimpy touchy feely choice!