Jun 28, 2017

Keep Eureka criminal or Keep Eureka homeless; new marketing slogan brought to you by those in charge

"Keep Eureka criminal" or "Keep Eureka homeless," the new marketing slogan.

Coming soon to a theater near you. DVD available for $5, in advance, if you know an elected official. $10 if you know a business owner, who has lived here for more than three generations and/or promised jobs that are never created or filled.

Additional bonus DVD, California's decline: the legacy of "progressive Democrat" leadership.

P.S. If you don't understand sarcasm or have a sense of humor, don't comment.


  1. I've been following articles on homelessness from KQED in the Bay Area because they're doing a much better job of surveying what's going on. Too many people in charge (sarcasm) and too few people who have a clue about the whole situation. Reminds me of the story about the blind men and the elephant: Each examined one part of the elephant and came to a conclusion about the whole animal, all wrong of course.
    LA voters have approved a huge amount of money (coming from an addition to the sales tax) and no coherent plan on how to use it.
    And of course some of what appear to be the more practical approaches have been rendered impractical because they would bring lawsuits. And if you spend all your money on lawsuits there's nothing left to try to help people---those who really want practical help (not the 'give me money and leave me alone and don't hassle me').

    And then I came across this report. Real medical people:
    "Majority of Opioid Scripts Go to Patients with Mental Health Disorders

    —51% of opioid prescriptions go to 16% of the population"

    And this is people who go to doctors for the Rx...not those who go to the corner supplier.

    But I think we CAN apply it to illegal drug use. That those who abuse drugs cannot function within the rules and requirements of regular human commerce.
    I don't know that more medication is the answer (specific to whatever condition makes people antisocial or worse). Seems that those who need it most don't like the side effects so they won't take it.

    I grew up in a kinder, gentler time but times change. Now I believe in tough love. And the second time around, it's 'tough!' without the love.

    We recently had an election to replace Bercerra who became the AG and left his seat in the House of Representatives vacant. I didn't vote for the man who won.
    The election was June 6th. It is now June 28th and he still hasn't taken the oath of office and certainly hasn't gone to Washington to represent those people in his district.
    I don't know what he's doing but I imagine more fundraising is involved and playing all the political games.
    There is so much more.
    I think this opinion piece comes closest to expressing my views and it's easy enough to read and understand.
    And I'm sorry John there may not be enough sarcasm in it...but there is enough truth.

    1. "More than 60 percent of Oakland’s homeless people lived in homes in Alameda County for more than 10 years before they landed on the streets. And nearly 60 percent said money problems, not addiction or mental health issues, were the primary cause of their homelessness."


  2. "Majority of Opioid Scripts Go to Patients with Mental Health Disorders

    —51% of opioid prescriptions go to 16% of the population"

    because the majority of americans have mental health disorders, be they diagnosed or not, be they getting in the way of the person or not.

    every person alive can look into a diagnostics manual used for mental health disease or disorders and find themselves described in many different categories.

    those categories of diseases/disorders are used to insure the treating dr/facility can be pd by ins co.

    no diagnosis on the books, no $$ to the care provider.