Jun 28, 2017

"I represent myself. No public pretender."

James Pawlyk entered court and as he was being seated, he started yelling, "I want to know where my attorney Bradford Floyd is? I have been denied access to my attorney. You have to let me go!"

As Visiting Judge Terrance Boren tried to state on record, Pawlyk's refusal to come to court, three times in a row, Pawlyk kept interrupting him, yelling, "I never refused" twice and once Pawlyk responded, "Not true. I was having problem with this BS."

Judge Boren said, "I understand you are disputing this, let me finish Sir."

Pawlyk burst out with, "I happen to be a Judge in Shasta County. You are talking to a fellow Judge."

In all this commotion, the court clerk was trying to reach Bradford Floyd and Pawlyk interrupted Deputy Public Defender Jennifer Dixon, saying "I represent myself. No public pretender." Ms. Dixon was explaining to the Judge that Conflict Counsel's Mr. Kaleb Cockrum had stepped out to call Bradford Floyd.

"Brad Floyd is my personal friend!" said Pawlyk. In response to the Judge asking whether Pawlyk wanted him  to appoint Bradford Floyd as his attorney, Pawlyk said, he wanted Bradford Floyd as his co-counsel.

Judge Boren said, "I cannot promise that."

While waiting for Bradford Floyd's office to respond, Pawlyk went on rambling on a tirade despite the Judge and attorneys trying to advise him not to incriminate himself.

Pawlyk repeated the claim about being a FBI agent.

"I reported two crimes to Judge Gaul,", said Pawlyk. Then he mumbled something about a legal challenge. "I have a legal right to assume his Judgeship."

Judge Boren repeated a statement twice to get Pawlyk to stop rambling, to no avail. He said to Pawlyk, "since you are in law enforcement and you are a Judge, you know when to be quiet and when to respond."

Pawlyk's response: "I'm autistic. I'm a naturalist and they charged me with having cannabis." This allegedly happened at some park, according to Pawlyk.

By this time, a response had been received from Bradford Floyd's office. Judge Boren told Pawlyk that "they said they do not do criminal law and they don't represent you."

Pawlyk said he wanted to represent himself. Again, the Judge cautioned him of the pitfalls of self representation, Pawlyk insisted. Judge Boren instructed Pawlyk that there was a procedure and he had to fill out a form.

Pawlyk went off again. "This is a continuation of a lawsuit from Shasta. I was legally declared 5150 by my father-in-law". According to Pawlyk, the reason his father-in-law did this was because Pawlyk accused him of molesting his own daughter, Pawlyk's wife.

Pawlyk said he had been denied access to the law library and his request for a King James Bible. Pawlyk claimed his request for a Bible had been thrown into the trash.

Judge Boren calmly explained to Pawlyk, that "we are not at that stage yet" regarding access to the law library, since Pawlyk's arraignment had not even occurred.

 Judge Boren declared doubt to Pawkyk's mental competency and appointed Dr. Ramirez to evaluate him. Criminal proceedings have been suspended.

Pawlyk said, "I assume your Judgeship."

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  1. He definitely has a history in Shasta County, including the '5150' he mentioned (it was his wife who reported him)
    documenting arrest by Shasta Co. SD

    From FB:
    Record Searchlight | Redding.com
    October 15, 2015 ·
    A Palo Cedro man put on felony probation earlier this year after he pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in connection with the drowning of seven cats last year is back in Shasta County Jail. James Martin Pawlyk is now charged with possession of tear gas, a misdemeanor, and faces up to three years in jail if convicted of violating his probation.

    Pawlyk, who is no stranger to Shasta County Superior Court, was arrested in August 2014 after a suspected psychotic episode at his home in which his wife and children fled the residence after receiving a threat from him. When they returned home, they found six dead cats in carriers and another in a 5-gallon bucket containing an unknown blue liquid."

    Another site says he's lived in Bayside and Arcata...and Palo Cedro.
    He used to have a business in Palo Cedro, Mr. Gazebo.