Jun 24, 2017

Humboldt County Sheriff Deputies winning so far at Charlie Lamb fundraiser

(Photo Virginia Bass)

                    (Photo Virginia Bass)

                    (Photo Ryan Sundberg)

Half timescore at the fundraiser at St. Bernard's  gym for HCSO Deputy Charlie Lamb who is going through cancer Treatment. HCSO winning score over EPD.

Now Sheriff duking it out with Fire Department. 27 to 21 so far. Coach Ryan Sundberg proud of his team.

I had said I would be rooting for HCSO over EPD when it was just two teams. Now it is five public safety teams, I am still cheering for HCSO.

                  (photo by Carolyn Ford)

Firefighters clinched the win in the final minute of the game. Sheriff William Honsal just told me over $10,000 was raised tonight.

                    (Photo by Scott Binder)

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