Jun 28, 2017

In addition to claiming to be a FBI agent, James Pawlyk claimed to be a Shasta County Judge in court today

James Pawlyk refused to come to court for the third time yesterday. He said he would need to be "forcibly brought down."

His arraignment was continued until this afternoon. Visiting Judge Terrance Boren indicated that if force was neccessary, it could be used to ensure Pawlyk's presence in court.

No other media was in court. When Pawlyk was brought down at 3:08, it was just court staff, attorneys, bailiffs and me. All other cases had been called.

Pawlyk did not disappoint with fireworks.

He rambled on despite the Judge and PD trying to get him not to make incrimnating statements, interrupted the Judge, said he was legally declared 5150 by his father in law when he accused his father in law for molesting his wife. He claimed this arrest was a continuation of his " Shasta County lawsuit"

A doubt regarding Pawlyk's mental competency was declared by the Judge. Public Defender appointed. Dr. Michael Ramirez will evaluate Pawlyk. That report is due July 11.

In addition to the Courtroom 1 bailiff, two Sgts were in court  and five other bailiffs stood by Pawlyk.

Separate post on the entire court hearing above.

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  1. But he was a shasta county judge.... He was judge on my trial.... of course the room was padded, and for some reason, he served the time with me... LOLOLOl