Jun 27, 2017

James Pawlyk refuses to come to court for the third time saying "he will need to be forcibly brought down"

Cowboy hat wearing, alleged crime spree suspect refused to come to court for the third time this afternoon.

Visiting Judge Terrance Boren was informed by the bailiff that Pawlyk said "he will have to be forcibly brought down."

Arraignment was continued until tomorrow with Judge Boren ordering that force be used, if neccessary to ensure Pawlyk's presence in court.


  1. He obviously is going kicking and screaming, so I hope the bailiff has some backup for the obvious circus that's about to start. However, had he been not yet charged, or charged with only say a misdemeanor like a drunk in public, and refuses to be arraigned, can they be released anyway after 72 hours? ~TMOB

  2. not if he wasn't arraigned because he refused to go.