Jun 30, 2017

So where are AHAA, Harm Reduction and politicians today to help clean up and help Betty Chinn?

EPD Captain Watson, Eureka Main Street Executive Director Charlotte McDonald, Rescue Mission Director Bryan Hall, Rescue Mission workers and Recology helped Betty Chinn clean the warehouse.

One guy helping nickname "Shakey" was someone who Charlotte McDonald and EPD Officer Drake Goodale ran into about two years ago during their MIST walks. Officer Goodale and Bryan Hall helped him get clean and sober, get off the streets into the Rescue Mission, then into MAC, now he is back living at the Rescue Mission and helping out today.

Bryan Hall contacted me later this evening with a clarification. "Charlotte got Jimmy's confused. Shakey's real name is Jimmy and one of our program guys right now is Jimmy. Two different Jimmy's. Jimmy from the Rescue Mission was helping today." According to Bryan Hall, Shakey may be living in Loleta.

Charlotte McDonald said efforts like today show how the community gets together to help each other and the unity of the community.

Charlotte, Betty, Captain Watson, Bryan, no one wanted to be in the photos but media requested. The group photo is all the people that helped today.

Betty, Charlotte, Bryan and Captain Watson, all said, "this is not about me" and asked to recognize the hardworking crew. "They give me hope" said Betty, tearing up a few times.

Supervisor Rex Bohn contacted me and said he is working on the rat infestation at the warehouse. Councilmember Kim Bergel contacted me and said she and Councilmember Heidi Wilson Messner
"are in San Diego and Los Angeles looking at homeless services best practices. Sorry we couldn't be there."

Link to GoFund Me page:



  1. I used to know a Shakey, from Detroit. He sold heroin out of a Eureka motel. I wonder if it's the same guy.

  2. its digusting what those people did to betty, freakin animals!... & to steal things that were for kids who had been dealt a tuff deal just starting out in life, that's just too awful to comprehend.
    I feel bad for Betty, that woman spends her life to help these people & they literally defecate all over her efforts. I hope she doesn't lose her heart for the work she does over this. the world & eureka need her & people like her.

  3. povertysnotacrime has left a new comment on your post "So where are AHAA, Harm Reduction and politicians ...":

    Not sure what type of help you are asking for from AHHA? It's an unfornatuate situation that has happened but I'm still not sure what you wanted me to do? looks like law enforcement got the people and the stuff back.I have helped her she's using the shelter Crisis

  4. Povertynotacrime, I had to cut and paste your comment, got deleted due to a glitch.

    I don't know who you are and whether you can speak for AHAA or Harm Reduction. What you can do instead of commenting online and criticizing a woman who has worked tirelessly for decades to feed, shelter and help the homeless, is show up and do work, like the rest of the people did that day. AHAA and Harm Reduction have no problem asking for money from government. They can do some actual work and fundraise themselves or earn money that many others, including Betty Chinn have done for years to better a community. You fought for a shelter crisis, doing what? Commenting online, asking money, criticizing and expecting others to pay? Poverty is a crime when you victimize others, while do nothing to help yourself and continually make bad choices.