Jun 20, 2017

One of four buildings destroyed this morning was where warrant had been executed for a butane honey oil extraction issue

I contacted Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Bill Gillespie for an update about the fire this morning. I also asked about the four businesses damaged/destroyed.

"From the building standpoint, the building next to Rita’s commercial kitchen was a total loss. This had been in the process of a previous cannabis permit, and also had been a location where a warrant was executed a couple of months ago for a butane honey oil extraction issue. I heard the tenant was in the process of moving.
Next business west was Knapek's Auto Repair. They had been getting ready to move, as they had lost their rent/lease. That building is a total loss.

Next west was Sports World. They had just relocated last week, as they also had lost their agreement.

Farthest to the west was Lost Coast Flooring. Again, in the process of moving out for the same reasons as above.

Regarding a cause, we are still working on the investigation, so no cause yet."

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