Jun 8, 2017

Contrary to this post on craigslist, here are the facts about what Zane knew about Chad Smith

Suprintent Fred Van Vleck got back to me about this posting on craigslist about what the school knew about Chad Smith.


No, we were not aware he was being investigated.  His fingerprints were on file with the CA DOJ and we received the arrest record as soon as he was arrested.  Prior to his arrest, he had no records of felony or misdemeanor charges.  We checked, as we do with all employees,  Your help in dispelling this nonfactual information is appreciated."


Chad Smith. 
He is in humboldt county corrections today!!! For many acts against children. 
He was a substitute teacher at many local schools. Zane being one. The school was made aware that he was under investigation for child molestation!!! And the school still hired him to teach your kids. He put you and your children at risk. Talk to your kids!!! He is a monster. And the fact that the schools were made aware of his accusations and now his arrest makes them just as criminal. 
Anyone want to help cause a stir and keep kids safe. 
Feel free to email.

I sent an email to Suprintendent Fred Van Vleck, Mayor Frank Jager, Councilmember Marian Brady and Councilmember Kim Bergel, an hour ago.

"Mr. Van Vleck:

Can you respond to me, tomorrow morning is fine. Was Zane aware Chad Smith was being investigated?

I saw that you said he has been removed from the substitute list but was a background check even performed on him?


City Councilmember Brady and Bergel, I cced you and Mayor Jager so you are aware of this, being involved so much in other community organizations, as well. What can the city do to help parents that are concerned?"


  1. Now this is what I call "investigative journalism." Keep up the good work John.

  2. A criminal background check on all public school employees, including fingerprinting to cross-check against a database, is required under the Michelle Montoya law enacted in 1996.