Jun 19, 2017

Rent control or even higher rents in California?

Two articles in the Sacramento Bee.



Both articles ignore the real reasons. The second article mentions one reason: as long as high income people keep wanting to pay high rents, moderate and low income people will keep getting shafted.

As usual Moonbeam has no clue and says he does not know how to fix it. Then he should step down. The answer is not more regulations. The answer is for California lawmakers to get some visions and guts. Relying on quick cash from wine or weed is not the solution. Movie stars, tech entrepreneurs, others who own too much land, keep selling it and vacationing while expecting working class Californians to keep paying taxes is unrealistic. If they want that much wealth and create none, then why shouldn't they pay more taxes?

The waste of water is not by your average citizen.

It is mostly Democrats who want to ignore that illegal immigration, illegal grows, drug trafficking and human trafficking are related and need to be addressed. They want to ignore how much water growing wine and weed suck up.

Moonbeam needs to stop wasting money on regulatory agencies and releasing criminals into the general population. At the jail level, put more money into rehab but also incentives and support for those to succeed when they are released.

People need jobs. California is the most beautiful state in this country with many natural resources that don't get people addicted. Tourism isn't a msin industry.

What California political and business leaders lack is vision.

California lawmakers and businesses that have the money and power need to invest into others and people.

Locally, the same 20-30 people calling the shots, regardless of industry of the decade, does not cut it. A successful business person is one who lifts up others along with him or her.

In Humboldt, we talk a lot about local jobs, local ownership, we don't support those with our actions or money.


  1. I grew up in the Sierras and was reading the Union Democrat (online) and Stanislaus County
    is considering banning commercial growing. Yes, they need more income for basic services
    but wiser heads are saying out loud: IS this really the answer? And a lot are saying a very big NO.

    As far as legal or now, and controls, I think for the most part it's going to come down to water.
    The state IS well-established in verifying various water rights and they are not going to be
    influenced by this senator or that assemblyman. A lot of the water regulations are based on Federal
    regulations and I've read some of the current court cases against people who are overusing/
    abusing/misappropriating water for other legal purposes.

    I think the northern part of the state needs to fight the water theft that Brown is trying to accomplish.
    Those who own and care for their own land and have their own water, legally, should get involved in
    fighting the Delta Water Project. Without all the water than Brown has promised the south he was going
    to send it, warehouse grows would not be cost effective.
    Even outdoor grows would not be able to get the current allotments of water for the mega district
    (sorry, can't think of the name of it right now) because other crops already have a claim on it.
    The Bay Area gets their water from Hetch Hetchy and given population growth, would they have enough
    to supply new weed grows? The NIMBYs in the area would say no.

    I know what I'm writing about isn't going to help affordable housing to be created but since the state
    isn't doing anything then it's going to be the locals who will have to find people who make sense,
    who don't want to run for public office, and who can be checked out to see if they are legit...
    and then start working together.
    Show up at town halls and listen to what people are saying: not just the prepared statements but
    the from the heart speeches which tell you who the speaker is.
    And I found out when I lived in Willow Creek that you don't have to like someone to work with them
    on a common project. You respect why they do it, they (hopefully) come to respect you, and things do get done.
    You have to get past personalities and national politics.
    It was the neighbors who got that slum house closed down. There were probably people who said 'oh, nothing can be done'.
    Pay attention. Let the officials know you are paying attention to what they say and do.

    I've read a lot of stuff and I think the people in politics in Eureka and HumCo aren't all that smart,
    they're just devious and know how to work together. There a whole hell of a lot of you that are smarter than them
    if you'd really listen to what they're saying... remember the old campaign ad:
    "would you buy a used car from this man?". Next time some bigwig says something, ask yourself
    if it were a used car (and not a project for one of 'his friends') would you buy it?

    1. In response to this issue on another local site posted today, these were my comments:

      John Chiv says:
      June 24, 2017 at 5:59 PM
      THC, you are a,few days late on this post. Humboldt shortage of housing has to do with greed. Not enough jobs and mostly pot growers now ( before it was ranchers, timberlords) with slumlords and property management companies wanting profit and providing shit to tenants.

      John Chiv says:
      June 24, 2017 at 6:02 PM
      Some of the land barons and developers could try renting at what is affordable in California, be ethical about “application fees” and “security deposits”. The only decent landlords in Humboldt are a few and all private. Changing zoning regulations won’t change the prey mentality in Humboldt.

  2. And for some of the things that John has mentioned, I'd like to offer some links to fairly reliable
    websites on the same or similar subjects:|

    I'll post them on another entry. John writes about what he knows which is Humboldt County and the cities
    and towns in it. He gives you the information you need, no puff pieces to make pols look good. But don't think
    that he isn't aware and informed on so much more. What I'm posting won't be news to him. But I think he'd be
    happy if some of you took the subjects discussed seriously because change, good change, takes more than one
    reporter, even if his name is John Chiv.

    New laws that already need fixing:
    Legislature needs to fix list of 'violent' crimes

    Battle over changing California's bail system wages on despite legislative setback

    Fooled you!
    Gas Tax Revolt (they lied about what it really does and what it will cost)
    Evidence lacking to estimate local government savings from California crime reform measure
    CA Senate Committee: Ms McGill's false testimony should not go unpunished

    Why trusting pols may not be a good idea:

    Last but not least: California Legislature passes largest state budget ever. (guess who gets to pay for it?)