Jun 12, 2017

Judge Marilyn Miles to retire, effective July 31, 2017

Judge Marilyn Miles will be retiring, effective July 31, 2017. Judge Miles served as  a Judge since 1997.

Humboldt Superior Court Press Release:

Judge Marilyn Miles has announced her retirement for the Humboldt County Superior Court effective July 31, 2017, after 20 years on the court.

Judge Miles has expressed that it has been a great privilege and honor to serve the people of Humboldt County as a judge since 1997. “During that time, I have enjoyed working with my fellow judges and wonderful court staff, and have thoroughly enjoyed my job. I certainly wish my colleagues and the whole court the very best.”

Presiding Judge Joyce Hinrichs commented on the announcement saying, “Judge Miles’ profound sense of justice, passion for the law, and fairness to all who appear before her has been an asset to this court. We will miss her very much.”

Judge Miles was sworn into office on the Humboldt County Municipal Court in January of 1997, following her election in November of 1996. Upon consolidation of the Municipal and Superior Court, Judge Miles was sworn in as Humboldt County’s first woman Superior Court judge in June of 1998.

Prior to becoming a judge, she served as Directing Attorney of the Eureka Office of California Indian Services, where she began her legal career, practicing federal Indian law and representing individuals and tribes throughout Northern California. Judge Miles received her J.D. Degree from the University of California Davis School of Law, after having received a Master’s Degree from Humboldt State University and a B.A. from San Jose State University.


  1. bummer, but good for her.

  2. Any idea if there are local attorneys that Jerry Brown might consider appointing to replace her?