Jun 25, 2017

It's ok to be gay, but your being Jewish and gay is not ok with the far left, because everything is offensive

Another example of the far left hijacking and legitimate causes. You can be gay but not Jewish and gay.

Maybe they can all move to communist countries or those that practice Sharia law. It is the far left that is destroying progress in human and civil rights by being intolerant, judgemental and offended by everything.

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  1. There's no Left left. There is only an alliance between identitarians and neoliberal imperialists that we call a "left."

    "Israel’s own backing of LGBT rights has been described as ‘pinkwashing,’ with the authorities there accused of using gay rights to detract from the ongoing conflict with Palestine."

    I guess that makes all the western powers who have gay marriage while they wage or sponsor imperial regime change wars across MENA one big pinkwash. Makes sense to me.