Jun 14, 2017

KHSU Thursday Night Talk on hate speech, the first amendment and Humboldt County

KHSU's Thursday Night Talk will discuss the Eureka NAACP's request for stricter moderation rules on local online comment sections. 

Lorna Bryant, host of Thursday Night Talk's Race Beat and media coordinator for the Eureka NAACP, will be joined by Thadeus Greenson of the North Coast Journal, Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost, Peter Fretwell of KHSU, Cutcha Risling Baldy of Humboldt State's Native Studies Department and Donn Peterson of the Eureka NAACP. 

Listeners are encouraged to leave questions via voicemail or text message at 707-492-KHSU (5478) before the program or call in at 707.826.4805 starting at 7 pm Thursday, June 15th. 


  1. Thanks for the heads up. How interesting that since some people have criticized comments on this website that you, as the moderator, were not invited.

    1. Lol. The panel is a joke. After their first and second letter backfired, they have a panel with two NAACP members, including Donn Peterson first VP, or maybe now acting President, now that Liz Smith resigned. I am not interested in an invite because they could not handle the truth. They prefer POC who do as they are told or media that wont challenge because of white guilt, political correctness but do some lame challenge of the First Amendment. And the "media" present can all pat themselves on the back for being so "successful" in their Humboldt clique.

  2. LoCo shut down comment sections on two articles covering the Karen Court shooting. No discussion based on facts or statistics allowed. Anti-white hate speech permissible.

  3. The first question should be-why aren't you keeping your Brothers United in check? Second question-who murdered your bro? Show the community you really care.

  4. Only one example of selective moderation on Toiletdome.

    Don't see Jon Yalcinkaya, the self proclaimed pundit on selective attacks calling this or any past such examples on on LOCO out.He prefers to only troll conservative sites.

    The one comment about blacks was deleted on the Clam Beach post but these three were not. As of 2:02 p.m. on June 15:

    No Homeless Bums Christopher
    an hour ago
    De-flea, and send it south to mex.


    Christopher Guest
    an hour ago
    "Well the county lets [homeless travelers] go out and leaves their trash all over, crack pipes, meth, etc, ban the [homeless travelers]."
    or this one

    Laid Off Strawberry Creeks Forever
    27 minutes ago
    You mean the ones that hire Mexicans for nickles and keep all the $$$$$$. Someday an American will show-up for work and kill all the Wetbacks and Corporate.

  5. I will have my pen and paper out keeping score while listening on how many times the phrase "Hate Crime" will be mentioned during the 'program' this evening on KHSU.

  6. John - Well It seems that there were only 4 references to "Hate Crime" that were made, 3 in a row and then one acknowledging my previous comment on an unaccredited blog by Lorna Bryant @8:25. Her comment made everyone chuckle, and seemed to break the tension in the room that I seemed to sense till that time..

    I in no way discount the death of Josiah, and the loss to his family. May they find justice in the search for his killer.

    Please remember that the wheels of Justice may move very slowly, as seen in reading and viewing other media coverage of other local murder cases where the alleged killer was apprehended quickly. This has also been the case in large metropolitan areas.

    Having grown up in Detroit in the 1960s and 1970s and witnessed firsthand the Detroit Riots of 1967, and I get fearful when persons send out tweets of wanting to start causing mayhem involving suggestions of Arson for our local area.

    Myself I am always courteous to those I meet or cross my path. Yet as entering the senior citizen era of my life and being a disabled Vet, I also look at others with suspicion as if they would want to harm me. I know that I am not comfortable going back to Detroit to visit my family, but I do not "Hate" a person due to their ethnic background.

    To me the definition of "Hate" equates having an intense dislike for a specific personal reason. As a child, I "Hated" Liver and Onions, and Spinach. Yet I do not go out of my way to cause others to boycott, or protest against them.

    I may not agree with everything people write on the internet, have printed, or speak about: "Veterans have fought and Died to defend the 1st Amendment, and the Right To Free Speech" here in America and censorship is wrong!

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    2. Thanks for letting me know Big D. Lorna Bryant has already shown what a fool she is and certainly no journalist by the joke of press releases she has sent out. As for her claims of regarding my blog, I have not heard the show myself but neither her or any of the two jokers sitting there have the accreditation of press credentials I have nor does Lorna Bryant know anything about me. That dismissive comment may feed their egos but unlike Hank and Thad, I am not paid and dont do selective stories and ignore those by pot advertisers.
      They are just jealous of my success and the fact that they cannot stop people from reading the truth. If they weren't, why not say one of the local blogs and be professional.
      Nor do I sit on an EPD Panel and then claim to be an objective journalist. I am known outside Humboldt and California. Lorna is a former disgruntled neighbor, who needs to address her own self esteem and anger issues. Having a show on KHSU does not make her a journalist. The comment I made about the little clique. No one takes LOCO seriously and despite his awards, have pointed out on more than one occasion that Thad goofs on basic reporting. Like not attending court, then lying about what jurors were told in the Gary Lee Bullock case. When Thad or Lorna or Hank get contacted by national networks, work for a paid job nationally and actually work on a story other than sitting on their butts in Old Town regurgirating from documents, maybe they will be qualified to sit on a mock panel. Did you see my comments on the clam beach post today on LOCO. Guess since the comment on blacks was deleted, I guess wetbacks is okay with Lorna, Hank and Thad.

    3. John - Yes I did catch that on the LOCO.

      Back to the Free Speech issue and censorship.

      Something I want to show is how Hank Sims as Editor at the North Coast Journal in the name of the Freedom Of Speech, outed hundreds of law abiding Humboldt County Citizens. That was when the North Coast Journal ran an article posting the names of all of the holders of Humboldt County issued License To Carry A Concealed Weapon.


      For the cover art of that issue, the names they got from the HCSO using a "Freedom Of Information Act" request were formed into a shape of a pistol. I found my name on there three times.


      At the Arcata Vets Hall most of the Post Officers and members were on that list. The article was OK, and two of those interviewed Al Koog, and Craig Casey at one point asked me why I was not contacted. I would have refused.

      But go look at the comment section below the article, and see how Hank Sims would have loved to censor the outrage expressed there!

    4. Big D, here's another example of what passes as journalism in Hank's opinion.


  7. I just listened to that clown show. They denied the statistics that show most of the killings of blacks to be the work of other blacks and implied that the caller who pointed it out was racist for doing so. The irony is that a comment linking to FBI statistics showing that were deleted from LoCO and Hank Sims from LoCO was on the panel.