Jul 1, 2017

Mendocino DA 2nd quarter stats include 100 % conviction rate for illegal weed related crimes

Nineteen (19) individuals charged in Mendocino County with an illegal marijuana-related primary offense had their cases resolved during the 2nd quarter of the 2017 calendar year. The resulting conviction rate for the quarter was 100%.

Of the 19 people charged with a primary offense involving illegal marijuana-related crimes, no defendant had his or her case  dismissed for any reason.

Of the four defendants charged with marijuana felonies, two of the four -- both from Florida with violent backgrounds -- were convicted of a related non-marijuana felony. Both were thereafter sentenced to a state prison sentence. The other two were convicted of a reduced marijuana misdemeanor.  One received 180 days in the county jail with no probation; the other was put on court probation and required to serve 120 days in the county jail.

Of the remaining 15, all were convicted of marijuana-related misdemeanors. All were placed on summary (informal) probation, meaning each of the 15 is subject to warrantless search and seizure on demand of any peace officer, as well as other terms and conditions of his or her probation.

Ten of the 15 individuals placed on probation have, as one term of their probation, an obligation to complete court-ordered community service. In the 2nd quarter, 1,750 hours of community service were collectively ordered for this category of crime. The hours ordered work out to an average of 175 hours per defendant. The hours to be performed generally have to be completed within 6 months up to one year, with the timely enrollment and completion of the hours monitored by Mendo Lake Alternative Service, Inc. (MLAS), a local non-profit.

Note: The conviction information provided above does not include convictions suffered by defendants for marijuana-related BHO and other illegal chemical extraction labs.

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  1. What that stat most likely means is that they are being extremely selective in the cases that they file for those type of crimes.