Jul 20, 2017

Eureka Councilmember Austin Allison gets it and shows guts in tacking Eureka public safety issues

Councilmember Austin Allison has shown that he can govern fairly and in a non partisan manner on issues. When it comes to public safety in Eureka, he gets it.

His comments about Food not Bombs getting a permit took guts. Now his calling out for also arresting "johns" in the prostitution sting.


I completely agree with his comments to North Coast News regarding how to stop human trafficking in Humboldt; in fact it works for all criminals. Public shaming them does work.

It has worked by exposing them on neighborhood groups, this blog regularly as well as other local media except the two "media" that enable them, make excuses and cover cases and people selectively.

Someone who I used to cover regularly on this blog, doing well on probation now, told me at the courthouse one day. "I don't want to end up on your blog.' We laughed and chat about this person's progress now.


  1. Is a woman soliciting herself as part of an organized human trafficking operation a prostitute or a victim?

    Would a "Prostitution Ring" not be human trafficking? I would find it hard to believe that a group of women would independently form a collective for the purpose of prostitution.

    An 18 year old female arrested with two women considerably older would raise a red flag in my eyes.

    Mr. Allison is correct, a press release of the women doesn't solve a problem. Do a press release of the John's. Human trafficking will continue as long as there is a demand. Releasing identities of the John's will help reduce the demand.

    Just my thoughts, but what do I know.

    I do know that if I was a citizen of Eureka, I would definitely vote for Mr. Allison at reelection.

    Keep up the investigation EPD. I look forward to the next press release. Hopefully of some John's or pimps.

  2. @10:08 "I would find it hard to believe that a group of women would independently form a collective for the purpose of prostitution." They do. It used to be the "ladies' business" before the crackdown in the early Twentieth Century led to the rise of mob-connected male pimps.


    ".....but what do I know."

    Apparently very little.

  3. Name and shame them all.

  4. Maybe he can also find a way to weed out the murderers and other violent people on the police force.

    1. Maybe you can learn the difference between fact and your opinion. Next time, you chose to make outrageous, libelous statements, provide evidence such as a court conviction and if you have the guts, your name. Too many "anons" talking crap locally about people who actually contribute to society with no fact, no evidence, and way too much time on their hands.

  5. John, isn't there some famous Humboldt business men who have been busted with prostitutes?

    1. The only one who was arrested in a sting and mentioned in local media was Eureka Natural Foods owner, Rick Littlefield. I was not covering courts at that time.

      I did not check and see what happened as a result of that arrest because the last time I covered this fifth DUI, I was more interested in his last four DUI arrests.