Jul 29, 2017

Seven police officers, four EPD vehicles, searching a man's car in Old Town

There was also a call made to EPD about a woman chasing a man in Old Town with a sawed off shotgun. Unknown if this is related.

Getting more information from on duty commander.

Sunday update:

Sgt. Stan Harkness, who was on duty did not call me back or email me but Captain Brian Stephens did today, right away. He checked the CAD report and will get more information tomorrow.

"I believe the incident to which you are referring was related to the brandishing of an item that looked liked a sawed off shotgun. The involved parties were located and the female involved was arrested on a non gun related charge. I have no names and no further details till Monday once I see Sgt Harkness. Sgt.Harkness didn't call me about the incident and didn't do an incident report so I would presume it was an insignificant incident. 

7 officers might have been there bit that's because we have new officers on training and doubled with their training officers. 


  1. Oh no I hope the dog is ok

  2. Thank you for covering this.

  3. What did police say they were looking for?

  4. There was also heavy police presence behind Safeway and walgreens on herrick and harris, 5 or 6 officers surrounding the bushes between these businesses and the first house, homeowners where standing on second story balcony overlooking the scense, was very concerning at first

    1. Harris and Harrison. Herrick Ave. is nowhere near there.