Jul 30, 2017

Panhandler spits on mall security, EPD responds twice to Third Street in Old Town, all in the last two hours,

From Operation Safe Streets:  (15 minutes ago)

Eureka Police are headed to the south entrance of the Bayshore Mall for a report of panhandler who spit on Mall Security after being asked to leave the property.

Updated 1826 hrs -  EPD caught up with 2 subjects (from Oregon), neither have warrants.

Updated 1834 hrs - Subjects advised EMC and sent on way.  No charges or citations issued according to disposition.

From OSS (1 hour ago):

Eureka Police are headed to C Street between 3rd and 4th Street for a physical altercation that is apparently now separated.  Report was originally 2 subjects fighting with another 10 standing around watching.  What time is dinner at Free Meal again?

Updated 1712 hrs - All units clear UTL (unable to locate).  Just another classy day in that area.

From OSS (two hours ago):

Eureka Police Officers are in the area of Third and C Streets attempting to location a possible subject in the area carrying a handgun.  We will update when there is more information but according to the caller, the subject was not threatening anyone with the firearm.

1629 hrs updated info - All units have cleared.  RP contacted.  Which hopefully means the call wasn't as reported or there was a logical explanation as to why someone would be walking in Old Town holding a handgun.

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  1. from Oregon? no residence here? run them out of town! we have enough vagrants as it is, give them bus tickets & tell them to never come back.