Jul 25, 2017

Traffic sign on Third and I vandalized and burned; no one calls EPD, Fire or City for hours?

On my way to courthouse right now, noticed this traffic sign on Third and I, vandalized and burned.

I took photos and called EPD right away. They had not received any report. Was going to call the City but the nice dispatcher offered to take care of it.

While I am trying to give the dispatcher exact information on which corner of Third and I, this obnoxious, loud woman on her cell phone is talking to someone else about heading to free meal and noticing this last night. She was so loud, I had to go across the street and could still hear her.

No one else, residents, businesses, County, Court staff noticed this until now and called the city or Fire Department or EPD? If I had been out earlier in that direction, I would have.

EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell just informed me that, "An EPD officer on foot patrol stumbled upon the fire around 2:15 a.m. and requested HBF to respond. Yes, a report was taken. Since just a block range was given and not an exact address the call taker might not have noticed the duplicate call."

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