Jul 24, 2017

Why is California so expensive? This article scratches the surface but ignores the real reasons



Overall, I like this opinion; don't neccesarily agree with every point a 100% except for the developer, landlord, NIMBY and prison challenge. On those issues, this article states the truth.

The one reason I disagree about is why Californians are not moving to other states.

 They are; the number would be larger if one was not stuck here because one cannot afford to live here and move. The tech barons, the Hollywood stars, the career politicians and the NIMBY elite can afford to live here and are responsible for the ridiculous cost of housing.

The choice is not development or no growth. The choice is standing up to large scale winemakers, mega pot growers, the elite sucking up too much water, energy and telling the radical environmentalists and bureaucrats like the Coastal Commissioners and all the nth regulatory agencies to get a real job.

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  1. I read the commentary elsewhere and agreed with some of it but I really like your comments better.

    Someone once wrote that a man who has questions benefits his fellow citizens more than a man who has answers.
    A person who has the answers doesn't look any further...someone with questions always wants to know more and wants to keep learning.

    Please keep reading and sharing what you've read and especially please keep adding your comments. People may not often reply or give their opinion, but at least you'll have gotten them thinking.