Jul 24, 2017

Body attachment issued for Carolyn Snow, key witness in Jesus Garcia homicide who is MIA

On July 17, Carolyn Snow, a key witness in the Jesus Garcia homicide case did not show up to be ordered back on the new dates, and did not respond to the People's attempts to contact her.

Deputy District Attorney requested a " body attachment" , which was held over by Judge Christopher Wilson until July 24, to give her a chance to appear in court at 8:30 a.m. in Courtroom 5. That body attachment was released today and she will be made to appear in front of the Judge.

At the preliminary hearing Snow bad an apparent memory loss in court when it came to identifying three men she previously said were in her apartment.


Only two suspects, Mario Nunez and Joe Olivio Jr. were on calendar today. Mr. David Celli waived the appearance in court for Nunez, after speaking to him. Mr. Joe Judge, who represents Olivio, Jr. appeared on his behalf. Olivio, Jr. saying he has  a 977 form, a waiver of personal appearance, for certain hearings. However, Olivio Jr. is still in custody.

Mr. Celli will be submitting a request for a body attachment for one of his witnesses, Burgess.

No other media was in court for this hearing, either.


(Olivio Jr.)

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