Jul 28, 2017

"He raped me. He was my friend's step dad."

Jane Doe #2 was the second witness on Day 1 of Chad Smith's preliminary hearing on alleged sexual abuse. She did not look at him, either, except to identify him.

When asked, how she knew Smith, Jane Doe #2 said, "He raped me. He was my friend's step dad."

That friend was Jane Doe #1.

Jane Doe#2 is now 15; younger at the time of the alleged incidents.

Jane Doe #2 described two instances of alleged sexual acts. One memory that she said she had repressed for years. She also tried to initially convince herself "at one point" that since she was similar in height and build, Smith had mistaken her for his wife.

"There were a few instances," said Jane Doe #1. The one she remembered more clearly was at a sleepover, she was 11 years old. She and Jane Doe were sleeping and Smith came and laid down between them. She said Smith "spooned me. I remember trying to go to sleep and him putting his hands under my clothes and touching and rubbing me in places I did not want to be touched."

"His,hands went back and forth between my breasts down to my vagina."

"I felt scared and nervous. I wanted to get up and run away but I felt I couldn't."

The second instance, she said, "I remember being flat on my back, without a shirt, and being scared. I believe he was leaning over me or about to get on top of me. "

Asked why she believed it was Smith, Jane Doe #2  said, "because it is what I see."

At the end of her testimony, when asked how she felt about testifying in court, she responded, "I wanted to do it to help future children."

She had no idea that Jane Doe #1 until she told her mom about Smith. Her mother and Smith's are close friends. When she learned from her mom about Jane Doe #1 , "I cried a lot."

They have not spoken about testimony but have spoken about how they cope with what they both went through.

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  1. Bullet to the head Chad Smith. Do it so these girls don't have to relive your pedophile life's dream!