Jul 22, 2017

When you have a BOLO for an armed and dangerous suspect, a tattoo can be very helpful

An arm tatoo cannot be disguised or altered by growing a beard or shaving facial hair.

Elijah William's arm tatoo and another photo below, (as a recent as in the last two weeks):


  1. That's an extreme tattoo for someone who didn't appear (before) to have many. I wonder if it's to cover up an older tat, for whatever reason.

  2. he will claim a liberal "PTSD" from seeing his best buddy die (after he stabbed him)... so he had to go and shoot somebody... give the kid a break the liberal will say... I say let him rot in jail. he is a murderer and now he attempted to kill someone else!

    1. Sarah, Elijah Chandler is Josiah's buddy. This is Elijah Williams. As of now, we don't know if Elijah Williams knew Josiah but the police should look into that possibility.