Jul 28, 2017

Surfside Burger Shack new owners knew Chad Smith was being investigated before any media coverage

When the initial story came out about Chad Smith's alleged sexual abuse case, the new owners of Surfside Burger Shack made a big deal about some media (me and Times Standard) referring to Smith as the former owner. It was only in the initial post, not any subsequent posts.

They initially dealt with me privately. I learned they contacted TS as well. Cannot speak about what TS told them but I did not edit my first post, as they wanted.

When I spoke to them, I pointed out  that Smith was the former owner of Surfside for years. People associated him with that business. They had only taken over a few months ago. I had done a business profile for them on my blog and they had been happy with that response.

Not getting what they wanted, or needing to blame slow business on someone else; the new Surfside Burger Shack owners tried another tactic, to pit local media against each other. Only KIEM's Breon Martin took the bait, and allowed Surfside's new owners to blast some media claiming the headline with Smith's name in the coverage hurt their business.

Smith was identified as the former owner in my article; his present business and other affiliations such as substitute teacher were also mentioned. He was facing 13 counts, serious charges, with multiple victims. The community deserved to know, in case there were other alleged victims.

In today's court testimony, EPD Detective Amber Cosetti said that during her investigation, she went to Surfside and questioned the owners about the futon Jane Doe mentioned. In court today, Det. Cosetti said the new owners said they were friends of Chad Smith, before they bought the business.

They conveniently left both these facts out when talking to me. They acted very surprised about Chad Smith being arrested.

Maybe they did not know why, but they knew he was being investigated. And, they knew before my first post on Chad Smith.

The lesson from this one example is that no one gets to dictate news coverage based on their opinion or feelings. Do not assume more "traditional, mainstream" media is more accurate and brush up on the First Amendment. Covering news in a small town is not easy, some of us take personal and financial risks to get you the truth and information.

There are other situations similar where anons or others have tried to "bully/shame" me publicly for reporting facts. Don't need to get into those because, unlike you, I make my point the first time.


  1. John - Once again thanks for reporting info that is not seen in the other local news outlets here on the North Coast.

    I may not post on every story you report on, but I do read what is presented here everyday.

  2. Small town political bullshit. The truth is the truth. There is a lot of A FEW GOOD MEN crap in this town. Jessep: You want answers? Kaffee: I want the truth! Jessep: You can't handle the truth! Some people think the truth is only good if it shines the bright light on the right people. Well people, the truth can hurt and just because you don't like it doesnt make it not true. John Chiv doesn't sugar coat the facts, he just reports them. This has made him unpopular, but a true journalist isn't running a popularity contest. Sure there are things we might personally do different but John says it like it is and takes the crap that is slung at him. If you think you can do better, you go sit in the court rooms, listen to the gore and all the case facts, and report the truth without the sugar coating and political tiptoeing around the tough stuff. I bet you wouldn't have the guts to do it. John doesn't worry about who might be mad, he just does his job! People need to stop "shooting the messenger", as they say. If you have concerns or questions, haul yourself down to the Court House and listen for yourself. Until then, kiss off. Of note, I've never even met John. I just find his reporting to be honest, and given the people he pisses off, I'm confident it's true.

    1. Thanks Majestic. It is community members, readers like you that mean more to me than anything else. Some days, weeks have been tough, especially recently and comments like yours help a lot. It is time that the People in smaller towns and communities get their voice and concerns heard and not be given lip service.

    2. Keep up the great work. People seeking the truth rather than the watered down PC version have got your back bud.

  3. Well, since the court records state that the new and previous owner Chad Smith were friends, have the new owners publicly stated that they have no knowledge of such actions that Smith did?

  4. You do a good job. We get a unique perspective and additional details from this blog that can not be found elsewhere. Thank you for that.

    1. Thank you for your comment and support.