Jul 31, 2017

The City of Eureka does not track or require building owners to get fire insurance; you can have an expired license and still get a permit

How does a developer/businessman with an expired/inactive license work  on properties in the City of Eureka? Even get appointed to the City's Economic Development Commission. Ask local developer Kelly Martin


If you live or work in Old Town, you know there has been there work done in the last few years on buildings Martin owns on G Street between Third and Second. The mural by Dan Kitchener being the most recent. In fact, there is work going on in that alley today.

I contacted the City of Eureka with the following questions. Both Pam Powell and Brian Gerving responded very quickly.

1. Who can apply to get a permit to do construction or repair in the City of Eureka. Business as well as personal. "A building owner or contractor."

2. Kelly Martin's contractor license is inactive. Has he applied for permit for work being performed on the building located on Third and G in the last year?  No.
If not him, who? " There have been no applications for permits at this site in the past year."

3. In the last 5 years, have any permits been issued to Kelly Martin?  "Yes.  All permits obtained by Kelly Martin in the past five years have been owner/builder permits, meaning that he was obtaining permits for properties he owned. "

4. Is fire insurance required for all building owners in the City of Eureka:  "The City of Eureka does not track or require building owners to obtain fire insurance."

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