Jul 31, 2017

CA law mandates mental health help for victims of sexual abuse under 14 years old

Summary of two laws by Association of Deputy District Attorneys:

New law provides young sexual abuse victims with mental health help
California law now mandates mental health help for young victims of sexual abuse.

 Psychological trauma treatment for victims under 14 years old will be paid for by predators after Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 756 into law. The bill, which earned bipartisan support in both the Senate and Assembly, is the first of Senator Henry Stern's (D-Canoga Park) bills to be signed into law during his freshman legislative season.

Law places limits on interviewing alleged child sex abuse victims
Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed into law a measure placing limits on how alleged child sexual assault victims may be interviewed during civil legal proceedings. State Sen. Jim Beall (D-San Jose) said he authored the bill after meeting with parents who decided not to file suit because they were afraid defense lawyers would traumatize their children. 


  1. OK, now is the state going to provide funding for that help? I do hope so.

    1. They should but in cases where the convicted molestor can, that molestor should pay for the counseling.

  2. With "help" almost always being mind-damaging drugs, the victims are victimized a second time.

    See, for starters:




  3. Is this beyond what Vitim-Witness program provides?