Jul 31, 2017

"I told my kids to go in the front room and lay on the floor, which is the only somewhat safe place in the house, then I called the Sheriff. "

"A plea to the community:
I normally wouldn't post something like this, but I feel like I'm out of options.

My 3 kids and I have lived in the same duplex in McKinleyville for 8 years. We don't live in the worst neighborhood, but we have certainly had our issues with crime.

We have a neighbor who has had many traumas in his life which have left him very emotionally unstable. We have tried more times than I can count to get help for him, but have been unsuccessful.

This morning at 4:00am with two of my children cuddled up with me in my bed, I wake up to screaming coming from outside. The man was saying 'bring me a gun, I'll shoot myself if you don't shut up' and 'I've got a gun and I'm going to shoot'.

Our duplex is so small that our beds have to be close to windows, which means my kids' lives are a window pane away from a bullet. I told my kids to go in the front room and lay on the floor, which is the only somewhat safe place in the house, then I called the Sheriff.

I've called the Sheriff multiple times for things like the man hitting someone with a bat, a camera being placed in his window pointed at my kids room and various other weird, scary behaviors that would be hard to even explain or believe. He has never been taken in on a hold.

We've been looking for a new rental for quite a while, but because of two two special circumstances, we have been unable to find a new home.

1. We have dogs.
2. I have a special needs son who is 5 that doesn't use many words, so communicates mostly with sounds.

Because an apartment wouldn't be ideal for either, it limits our options.

We are looking for a 3-4 bedroom house anywhere in Humboldt County. I'm hoping that someone knows of something, anything, that can get us out of this dangerous situation with our neighbor.

I look on Craigslist daily, check the property management sites, drive around, talk to friends and family, but haven't had any luck.

Seeing my kids crying and upset this morning, not knowing what is happening or why was devastating. My special needs son was shaking and saying 'Popo' over and over because he saw the Sheriffs pull up. I feel like I'm failing them.

If you know of anything, please message me. We have great references!

I know that this community can be amazing and I'm hoping this will reach the right person.

Thank you so much for reading."

Within minutes of my posting this, Fourth District Supervisor Virginia Bass responded to me to see what she can do. Next to respond was Supervisor Rex Bohn. Kate also got a great response from community members.

**I am reposting this with permission from Kate Newton. Please contact her directly via Facebook.**


  1. Hope things get better soon.

  2. John - Consider running for Police Chief. The communiy could really use your smarts.

  3. It's not just police type things, he cares about real people with real problems. I think sometimes what he does is like the tip of the iceberg...we see the part above the water while so much more is going on below....that we won't hear about. I think his greatest value to the community is where he is now, giving information, providing the truth about things, and asking questions to let us see what is (or isn't) going on in case we want to get involved. I don't know him personally, just through his writings but I think there are more stories that won't be told because he respects people's confidences.
    I hope the woman finds a good place for her family and I also hope that man gets some help, must be horrible to be self-tortured like that.