Jul 28, 2017

Evidence seized in Chad Smith case included picture captioned "Key to Kitten hotel"

Day 2 of Chad Smith's preliminary hearing started with his wife Amy Smith briefly resuming the stand.

Other witnesses this morning called by the People included EPD Detective Amber

Two additional witnesses will testify after the morning break. Deputy District Attorney told Judge John Feeney, their testimony would be brief.

One of those witnesses is EPD Officer Jon Omey. The other is EPD Officer H. Soltow.

Both provided testimony regarding violation of the restraining order by Chad Smith.

Detective Cosetti corroborated earlier testimony and gave some details about search warrants and evidence seized from Chad Smith's computers, emails exchanged between Smith and Jane Doe #1 and Skype and Facebook accounts.

This evidence included a confession by Jane Doe #1 to a Mike Stephemson about having sex with her dad since she was 10 years old. And a picture of a hotel key to Holiday Inn Express in Eureka captioned, "Key to Kitten hotel." Kitten was Smith's nickname for Jane Doe #1. The nickname he chose for himself was Master.

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