Jul 31, 2017

No real news on LOCO for 4 days, then another predictable move

Four days of no news on LOCO, except auto feeds, other site links and an occasional fluff piece.

Then Monday, a weather report, a weed feed and a predictable hit piece by Ryan Burns regarding a KINS interview featuring Rob Arkley.

Not even original writing by Ryan but linking KINS audio and selective cut and paste.

LOCO doesn't report on every KIN/Arkley interview do they? Just what suits their agenda.

This faux concern that LOCO is trying to show about Indians, Native Americans, Indian Island would be believable if they covered issues on the local tribes other than crime headlines.

The local left elite and the members of certain liberal media that do their bidding pull out the old bs because they have no clue on what is news and are lazy. Been beating the same tired line for years now.

How about some real investigation LOCO on your advertiser Bear River Casino and the board members? That's one example.

Got any "articles" aka PR pieces you want to do on your advertiser Green Road Consulting?

Don't see an investigative article on Kelly Martin? Patrick Cleary?

Done any real follow up on Marci Kitchen? The David Josiah Lawson homicide? You know news that matters to the public.

Four staffers, various contributors, ad reps, the help of an entire communication company and this is what Lost Coast Toiletpost generates.


  1. Welcome back to the LoCO Elsewhere section.

    What's so tired about reporting that Arkley wants to keep Indian Island away from the Indians?

    After all, we murdered the Indians for it fair and square a Hundred and Fifty years ago. Arkley is just the modern version of "It's my playground and you can't play here".

    An improvement over clubbing people to death in their sleep, to be sure. But Arkley still demonstrates a racist arrogance toward a people who used to own the land until we killed them for it.

    It is high time to give the island back.

    1. MOLA, I have no desire to be back in the Elsewhere section or associated with Toiletpost in any way. Predictable is also you jumping to LOCO's defense when you have not commented on my blog for months. You and the rest of the LOCO, liberal left groupies have myopic vision. You think LOCO, NCJ are beyond repraoach and do nothing wrong. KINS already did the Arkley interview, LOCO has it linked in Elsewhere. No need to pass it off again as an original article. LOCO did it intentionally. Thats what they do, link MRU in Elsewhere, then link it in the main section. There is no news on LOCO anymore, for days. They live off traffic generated by linking others. Do they pay the sites they link any of that revenue? The same handful of you just hate Mr. Arkley and anyone who actually contributes to this town. I notice you avoided answering the questions about LOCO's coverage above. The only trolls attacking me here or anywhere else are the same handful of you. Gutless cowards.
      Judging by the craigslist ads and the desperate bringing up of the transgender issue which is irrelevant, the only racists and transphobes are anon and anyone who excuses such behavior because you have no valid argument.

    2. I didn't defend LoCO. It certainly has its problems and it can stand to practice a more "active" form of Journalism. Spitting out a non-stop parade of unedited press releases is not reporting.

      And I have said this many times in the LoCO comments.

      "Gutless Coward?" Moi? Did I attack you? Or are we going over old business?

      Sorry, Mr. Arkley does not appeal to me. Lots of people don't appeal to me, including sometimes myself. The problem is, since Mr. Arkley has money he has power. Hence... Why we ungrateful slobs keep pushing back against him.

      Especially when his agenda turns racist.

      I don't know nothing about no Craigslist Ads. I have always tried to defend your right to privacy and I always will.

      I thought I presented a valid argument. Just because you disagree with it does not make it invalid. The world is not black and white (I know, it's a cliche) but many shades of grey. It is by communicating our differences to each other in a responsible and adult manner that we all may learn to appreciated the subtleties.

      That is all I have ever tried to do here.

    3. "The same handful of you just hate Mr. Arkley and anyone who actually contributes to this town." Are you excusing his comments and saying they're okay? Because that's how that came across to me.

    4. How it came across to you is not my problem, it is yours. Take off your anti Arkley defensive filter and read again, then again, until you comprehend what is written, not your predetermined bias. The point is LOCO= no real news. Arkley on LOCO = distraction. Who's protecting the good ole boys and gals, not me. Not a single media source in this town has taken on Randy Cook, Kailan Meserve and his family, Lee Ulansey, Kelly Martin, and I could go on and on about the power mongers. Yet, you sheeple just nod your heads, don't stand up for yourselves and allow these wanna be so called media to distract you daily. When Ryan Burns and LOCO "investigate" and call out the real issues and people in this town with facts, they will have earned the right to be considered journalists. All they are now is paid lackeys who do nothing to bring real information to this community. They used to be journalists back in the early 2000s when they reported news.

  2. Banned by ENF? Care to elaborate?


    1. Actually, I don't because that is an anonymous claim made twice by an anonymous poster. I have no such information given to me by ENF. Even if it is true, it followed my coverage of Rick Littlefield's fifth DUI and the slap on the wrist he got. In the future, I will not publish any anonymous comment or your attempt to highlight it on my blog.

    2. Furthermore, this is the wrong post. I see the leftie progressive trolls are pissed about the above post. Truth hurts, doesn't it?

    3. ENF? You kids with your abbreviations.

  3. Why can't he buy the island? This is America

    1. Because this is Berniefornia, some don't grasp basic concepts or have common sense.

    2. It's like white people aren't allowed to have anything. Dumb libs! I sure hope Rob buys it and puts Home Depot there

    3. This IS America, and stolen items that are taken during a murder should be returned to surviving family, once any criminal investigations are over. Even if that property has been sold, and even re-sold, since the crime occurred. That MOST of this cemetery island is undeveloped and returnable is quite a bonus for both the local Nation and the USA. I'm hopeful that part of returning it includes allowing some careful recreation to continue, for both tribe members and community members. After all, most of the tribe aren't like the monsters that participated in the murder spree.
      PS 10Q for putting in an anonymous. I suggested it long ago, and am happy to see it. --Point Of Order

    4. anonymous, Kalif is no longer in America. Calif does things differently, with no respect for the Constitution. They have gone UN, for the money. The UN has their own constitution, which lists in fine print, that private property and individual rights are no longer applicable. This means, that even natives are a part of the collective, not an individual group. Funny how that works.
      Let's just hope that enough people rise against the dictator collective.
      It's too bad the Native Americans spent all their money on lobbying instead of on purchasing land the American way.
      I hope Arkley does purchase it. He wants it for every body, not just the select few.

  4. John - Is there any word on why the HCSO official website page that is used for viewing their 'calls for service info' has not been updated since July 26th?


  5. Don't know Big D. You might want to call them tomorrow and let them know.

  6. The website link to 'calls for service' is a helpful tool to use, in order to see what occurs out in the areas patrolled by the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office that does not ever show up on the local news outlets.

    I will call them tomorrow morning, and make an inquiry.