Jul 30, 2017

"I'm considering relocating to the Eureka area to live in my van to save money. '

From Humboldt Craigslist:

"I'm considering relocating to the Eureka area to live in my van to save money."

"What is the area like? Are cops hard on "homeless"? I don't do any sort of drugs. Are there a lot of tweakers there? Just looking for a safe, easygoing area that isn't as hot in the summer as bad as most of the state.

Thx!" https://humboldt.craigslist.org/rnr/d/need-to-know-what-kind-of/6242435094.html 

This is the response:

"Please, please, please go somewhere else. We don't want you. Eureka is already swarming with so-called "homeless" and we don't need any more. Social services are stretched to the limit, and there are no jobs. There is a strong criminal element in the "homeless community" here that prey on other bums, so you'll be having to constantly watch your back. The police roust "homeless" encampments regularly, although they're nowhere near as tough on the bums as most working, taxpaying adult citizens would like them to be. You will get no respect - and no "spare change" - from employed locals because we are sick and tired of playing host to the drifters, derelicts, "travellers" and bums who come here from every corner of the country with their hands out crying "Feed me! House me! Give me a place to park my ratty van! Provide me with SERVICES, People here are angry and disgusted and getting fed up with the army of entitled bums flooding our community. Please stay in Sacramento, or head down to Mendocino or Santa Cruz or up to Oregon where I'm sure you'll receive a much warmer welcome."


Read this as noise caused by barking dogs & loud music  can be heard blocks away. It is coming from two crappy vans parked near the building (on Second and G owned by local developer Kelly Martin)

There is always some issue/ruckus in that alley, near that building. Different cars, different people.

A daily occurrence in Old Town and all over Eureka. Thanks Kelly and similar Eureka developers aka slumlords for such great management, security and management of your properties. This is the crap EPD has to deal with and the problems Old Town residents and businesses deal with while you sit and collect obnoxious rents and get rich preying on this community.


  1. Kelly is the 'Squires' of commerical buildings in Eureka.Look at the 2 burnt out buildings on west 4th street.

  2. John,you should look into Kelly Martins scam job. Like,does he really have a contractors license? If so,how long? Has he ever had a building permit for all the work he has been doing on his buildings.Is the work he has been doing on his buildings up to code.Why is he getting away with .

    two burndowns say NO.

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