Jul 18, 2017

A 9 year old uses his time off from school to help sweep, clean Eureka with a great attitude and enthusiasm

"I will be cleaning up city parking lots starting today at 3rd and I st. At 11:00am Teresa Dutton and her 9 year old son Tyler will be helping," Robert Tuel told me.

Robert said he is doing this to help beautify Eureka. Teresa said she wants her son to see what  a good person and role model "Bob is and learn from him."

Robert and Teresa have been friends for 30 years. Teresa is retired from Humboldt County Superior Court. I asked Tyler if mom made him help and Tyler told me he wanted to help.

Tyler didn't even want ice cream which I tried to suggest as a reward, but mom is taking him for a steak dinner. Tyler told me he found two empty whiskey bottles, over 30 cigarette butts just in this parking lot. I won't mention what else they had to pick up and clean up.

They are going to try and do this at least once a month and pick different locations in Eureka. If you are interested in joining them, contact Robert on facebook.


  1. that kid should be mayor

    1. I just suggested to some of our Supervisors and Eureka City Council members that both Tyler and Ty should be recognized.

    2. that kid has done more for Eureka thna any Democrat ever has!