Jul 17, 2017

Twelve year old Ty Rose finds wallet containing over $2,500, returns it to EPD

EPD Captain Steve Watson:

On 7/13, Ty Rose (age 12) found a lost wallet containing over $2500. He took it to EPD & the very appreciative owner has been notified. https://t.co/c9QWS7Wq7d

Ty was awarded a Captain's challenge coin for excellence.  What a fine young man! I'm proud of him. Maybe he'll join EPD someday. #integrity


  1. Tip of the hat to the parents who raised him to be honest, and what to do if you find something. Money could be spend, self-respect that comes from something like that lasts a lifetime.

  2. camelg1 has left a new comment on your post "Twelve year old Ty Rose finds wallet containing ov...":

    Truly great story to read and have acknowledged by Eureka's finest. Ty is a rare example of how our society should respect and honor each other and our community. Thank you Ty!!!

  3. I would hope the wallet owner kicks down some cash reward as well.