Jul 31, 2017

There was no insurance on the building owned by Kelly Martin that burned down June 3 2016 displacing residents and businesses

There has been no updates or any leads in both these fires on Fourth Street.

This year on June 20,2017, there was another fire on Fourth Street in Eureka.


The building on Fourth Street that burned on June 20, 2017 was previously owned by local developer Kelly Martin. The title to the building was transferred approximately a month ago before this 2017 fire.

Last year, on June 3, a fire in a building on Fourth Street, owned by local developer Kelly Martin. There was no insurance on that building.

See TS article below for details on June 3, 2016 fire.

Humboldt Honey Wine was fortunate to find a place and reopen in a couple of months. See my post below.


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  1. I guess that means it wasn't insurance fraud...?