Jul 30, 2017

Humboldt CHP and APD PIOs and leaders could learn from Sheriff Honsal, Chief Watson and Captain Stephens

I would like to thank Sheriff William Honsal, EPD Chief Steve Watson and EPD Captain Brian Stephens for their accessibility, help and fairness to all media.

And for prompt responses, weekdays, weekends and holidays. They are also very open to criticism or complaint and don't act out and shut you out.

These are the top guys in their organizations and we are lucky to have them. Humboldt Bay Fire, especially Chief Bill Gillespie, deserves a shout out as well.

Follow up to this post: http://johnchiv.blogspot.com/2017/07/seven-police-officers-four-epd-vehicles.html?m=1

Sgt. Stan Harkness, who was on duty did not call me back or email me yesterday but Captain Brian Stephens did today, right away. He checked the CAD report and will get more information tomorrow. Captain Stephens did not have to respond to this on a Sunday. He chose to and I thank him.

From Captain Stephens:

"I believe the incident to which you are referring was related to the brandishing of an item that looked liked a sawed off shotgun. The involved parties were located and the female involved was arrested on a non gun related charge. I have no names and no further details till Monday once I see Sgt Harkness. Sgt.Harkness didn't call me about the incident and didn't do an incident report so I would presume it was an insignificant incident. 

From Captain Stephens: 7 officers might have been there but that's because we have new officers on training and doubled with their training officers. "

From me to APD, Fortuna and CHP:

We live in a small town, and unlike larger towns and cities, getting information on scanner follow up is sometimes hard. Budgets and staffing and experience can impact this but HCSO and EPD try, the rest of you don't. Some incidents don't pan out as initially reported. Some of us dont just type "will be updated", we follow up.

We have two excellent PIOs in EPD's Brittany Powell and the current rotating HCSO PIOs, Lt. Mike Fridley and Lt. Dennis Young.

APD, Fortuna and CHP are three departments hard to get follow up from, most of the time. This is not just my experience. Since I don't answer to corporate bosses or anyone else, am speaking up on behalf of some of my colleagues.

The consistently worst PIO, who is selective in who he responds to is Cy May. CHP Lt. Fabri is not much help either. Humboldt CHP needs to get its act together and be more accessible and transparent.

Unprofessionalism and favoritism in this small town maybe par for the course; it needs to change. CHP, Fortuna and APD, you need to respond to media and TV stations that people actually read or watch, instead of wasting time on "media" whose focus is catering to trolls hanging out at local coffee shop and local gadabouts who could care less about actual facts and just want to spew nonsense in the comment section.

Humboldt CHP, Fortuna and APD are the same law enforcement organizations that have high profile unsolved cases the community is interested in but cannot get answers. Elected officials do your job and remind APD, Fortuna and CHP who pays their salaries.

There has been no update on the Lawson homicide investigation or the investigation into the 12th and C shooting and Elijah Stone bear Williams is still on the loose.

Unlike many politicians, business owners and certain media, I don't "play both sides"

John Fullerton complimented the Sheriff Honsal, Chief Watson and Captain Stephens and mentioned Chief Andy Mills in his comment.

I disagreed and responded with:

"Chief Mills did play favorites with certain media like North Coast Journal and appointing Hank Sims and Thad Greenson to an advisory panel. He was close friends with Thad and no one made a big deal about that like they did with Garr Nielsen and who Garr knew. Legit media does not accept such appointments.
In the beginning, Chief Mills was fair, in the last year or so, he definitely gave NCJ  preference and certain reporters he preferred. I like Chief Mills but he was not without his faults. Some of you chose not to see that he was skilled at charming both sides. These three do not play favorites."

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