Jul 30, 2017

"Media would not be successful without tips from the public"

Gene Bass , Kate Newton are two longtime Humboldt County residents, who work tirelessly, daily, to bring the public information and resources, without public credit.

They genuinely support local media. They run their Facebook pages well, unlike some other local ones, that encourage trolls and drama and don't want public to have any information that affects their "friends."

Media would not be successful without tips from the public. I value all my readers, supporters, especially, true friends like Gene, Kate, and many others who have my back daily.

Thank you for believing, encouraging and supporting me.

Some sources may have more money, more advertisers, and I could too, if I spent less time on news and more time just seeking money.

I work hard to earn money to provide provide this service. It is hosted as a blog because that is more time efficient and cost effective for me. I have a dot.com domain name. The .com does not imply quality, the site does.

The local power mongers and growers don't support me financially and don't own me. I am independent. I am successful;  I am not someone who can be controlled.

I thank my loyal readers.

Despite certain media, community members members, certain local  power mongers doing what they can to make it harder for me in a small town to bring you the facts, and survive financially, I will continue to do so.

I have had certain people I have exposed threaten to contact my advertisers, boycott them.

Remember that when you read anon and not so anon comments trying to smear and discredit me  online or  in person. In my case, those claims being proven wrong over and over again.  Do you want to support such media, community and advertisers that support such petty behavior by your readership and dollars?

I don't have other staff, I don't get paid regardless of whether I sit around or work, I work when I can to pay my bills to bring you this service. I don't have a scanner. I bring you more news, mostly  original news,simultaneously, often posting on a smart phone.  I am a traditional journalist, now posting on a blog format, with the same skills and hard work I applied at other "traditional" media outlets, before I came to Humboldt.

Posting majority of press releases, printing articles cut and paste from documents and linking every "tom, dick and harry" local wannabe blog or other sites and claim web traffic is easy and misleading.

Building a readership requires vision and hard work. Getting regional attention and national attention without needing ad words to direct traffic to my site is due to providing unique information.

So, for the handful minority who snip about typos that can be fixed later, deal with it. For most of the public, who are grateful, thank you.

I actually take the time to answer my readers, tipsters, community members, so keep that in mind, when you are getting 24/7 news, faster than other media sources, often while covering an all day court case.

In a small town, if you want change, stop supporting media that doesn't challenge the "right" or "left" or "movers and shakers in this town. Those media sources rather throw out an "easy investigative article" about government than risk investigating their ad revenue sources.

Support those that stand up for you and take risks to bring you real news.

I am sharing this with you so you understand the challenges I face daily.

 I have for a while, but I am speaking up lately, because I am fed up of the constant trolls attacking me or anyone who supports me and the petty efforts to intimidate me into silence.

I am  tired of seeing local businesses support an over saturated local media market and shoddy "media" instead of rewarding the local media sources that work hard.  And, I am going to call out all the liars who insinuate that I am not independent or spread lies about me or try and intimidate the advertisers I have.


  1. Bravo! I know I personally prefer to read the facts, not some watered down PC crap that is out there. To be bullied by individuals and other media sources is petty and frightening. Our world is already fueled by propaganda and selective reporting. I appreciate the fact that you have the moxie to report it as it happens without "cleaning it up" to keep the PC patrol off you. Carry on.

  2. You are awesome! I love reading your articles, especially the court stuff. You work so hard and tell it like it is. Keep doing what you do. The community needs John Chiv! As the previous person posted, carry on!

  3. John - Many of us long time residents of Humboldt County find your reporting of the "not so headline" local news much better than what is found in the main stream media. The Court reporting you frequently do, is usually not found anywhere else.

    Plus you give different insights into the top stories that are covered by the other local news outlets.

  4. I agree with those before me... we need that information. I'm on your side when it comes to someone else controlling your column, then it's not the news that we need to hear, it's what 'they' want us to hear.
    I know you've been bullied for your report on the incident in Arcata and who used the knife. I'm glad that you haven't drank the Kool-Aid and given us the watered down version of the big cases we have in our court house now.
    I want to hear what happens to Kitchen (Marci gives them a bad name,) I want to know what happened to Shelia Franks and all the scum child molesters, murderers and tweakers and the reversed prejudices from someone who was there.
    Someone who can describe what kind of tone was used or what they whispered to a loved one that was in the room, who made eye contact or what was said on the sidewalk outside.
    When they threaten or try to intimidate you then you know you did a good job. It's just the nature of the beast/business that you're in.
    With everything you cover and write about... we can over look a few errors.
    Just think of all the people like me that rarely post our thoughts, we are still reading your's.
    That's why I read your blog, John.

    1. Thanks Sober Mother. People who try to intimidate me fit mostly in three categories: the powers on both left and right used to controlling local media and people; people exposed who want to deny responsibility; community members, media, businesses, who are insecure, shallow, petty, and prefer to make money while providing this community with zilch. Someone has to speak up for the people in this community because it is clear that most politicians, most businesses, most media are gutless and only care about themselves. I just want the opportunity to make a living, provide information without being intimidated and financially hurt by people who do not understand and fear competition. I want better opportunities in this community for more than just me. The reporters who care aren't popular, they are just struggling like me. Free market and competition is good and both the left and right in this town do not want anyone other than the same ole same ole few people to prosper.

  5. I wonder if those who try to control you by going to your advertisers have really thought it out? With your reputation for honesty, if someone 'attacks' (slanders, etc) someone who supports you, who better to support and defend them WITH FACTS than yourself?
    You defend yourself but I think if someone tried to smear someone you know, first you'd find out all the details, verify then and then make the whole scheme public. Anonymous witnesses who report something vanish when the opposite can be shown. Rumors can be tracked back--if not to the first person, then to someone close to them And when the rumors/misstatements/lies are shown to be false, those who have repeated them (who should feel foolish for having been used or lied to) may lose credibility with the people they do trust/admire.
    Some people don't care about their reputation which is why they so easily defame others. Overtime, it does have an effect. And what they've tried to take away from you they have damaged in themselves.

  6. what about that drive by at a campground in ruth lake I think it was Thursday night?

  7. there's an ad about you on craigslist rants & raves says you had a sex change & that you cyber stalk people. they are trying to get together a bunch of people who don't like you. might wanna check that out.

    1. This same anon put the same claims out there once before. Anon claims are just that, not verifiable. There are also two incorrect claims in that post. Thanks for allowing me to document this post, for future use, if necessary.