Jul 18, 2017

Motion to continue Chad Smith's preliminary hearing on alleged sexual abuse withdrawn

A motion to continue Chad Smith's preliminary hearing currently scheduled for July 20 and intervention was scheduled this morning at 9:45 in Courtroom 5.

Motion to continue was withdrawn. Deputy Public Defender Ms. Jennifer Dixon is representing Smith.

Jul 14, 2017

Public Defender files motion for continuance in Chad Smith case

The Public Defender filed a motion for continuance of the preliminary hearing in Chad Smith's case. That motion will be heard on July 18 at 9:45, at the same time intervention is scheduled for this case.

After the Conflict Counsel's office declared a conflict in representing Chad Smith, the Court appointed the Public Defender's office to represent him on July 5.

Don't know the reason but I am sure the Public Defender will say it is because their office got appointed recently.

Preliminary is scheduled for July 20.



  1. How did he land a PD? He isn't exactly destitute financially unless his current other legal issues have cleaned him out. ~TMOB

    1. In Humboldt, you just say you cannot afford a private lawyer and are told you will have to reimburse the County in the future, if it is determined you can pay. The only Judges I have seen ask people questions to determine income qualification are Judge Cissna and Judge Hinrichs. A Visiting Judge was informed/admonished by some Deputy PDs when he tried to question a defendant.