Jul 24, 2017

Carjacking suspect who allegedly held a woman at gunpoint sought by HCSO

On 07-24-17 at about 0755 hrs a woman from out of state was parked along the Avenue of the Giants near the Immortal Tree.  She was approached by a bald White Male Adult who pulled her out of the vehicle at gunpoint. 

The suspect was last seen driving her vehicle southbound on the Avenue of the Giants.  The victim reported seeing a white 4 door sedan, possibly Toyota, leave the area as well.  It is a possibility that the sedan transported the suspect to the scene.  

Later that day at about 1219 hrs the Sheriff's Office received a telephone call from a resident who lives on Dyerville Loop Rd near the dump.  The resident reported finding a strange vehicle abandoned in his driveway.  Deputies responded to the area and found the abandoned vehicle was the reported stolen vehicle.  The suspect was not located after a search of the area.  Deputies are on scene still and additional information will be released at a later date.  

UPDATE: After contacting the victim and obtaining a detailed statement we have updated information.  The female victim was sleeping in her vehicle when she was awaken by a white male adult. He first asked if she was ok, and asked for gas money.  She gave the man four dollars and he walked away.  

He soon returned and showed her a bag of marijuana asking if she wanted to buy it.  The doors to the vehicle had been locked up to this point.  She then unlocked the doors and immediately a second suspect appeared.  The second suspect brandished a black semi-automatic handgun and ordered her out of the vehicle at gunpoint. 

Both suspects were last seen traveling southbound on the Avenue in the victim's vehicle, followed by a white sedan, possibly a Toyota Camry.  The Sheriff's Office has started trying to issue these press releases as the incident is unfolding, therefore details will change once we investigate further.

Suspect one: White male adult, average build, short dark colored hair

Suspect two: Hispanic male adult, very short hair, black bandanna over his face, and black baggie clothing.    

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